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Past Reunions

Meeting up with old friends and colleagues is a great way to catch up on the news and to see who’s ageing most gracefully – or not!



The Class of 1960

The Class of 1960 held its 50th anniversary reunion (its 6th reunion) celebration over the weekend of June 24 – 26, 2010. Only seven of the known surviving members of the Class were unable to attend, all but one , due to health concerns. The 16 that did attend were treated to a great weekend of fellowship, starting with a barbecue at Bill and Brenda Marantz’s cottage at Winnipeg Beach on a warm and sunny Friday afternoon and evening. The next day the traditional banquet was held at the Manitoba Club at which time Len Weinberg presented the tribute to our thirteen deceased class members. He especially rememberd the lives of Manly Goldberg and Telly Mercury who had passed away shortly before the Reunion. After dinner, all members gave a short update of their recent doings and reminisced about the good old days under Pete Tallin and Colonel Streight.   The wind-up Sunday breakfast was held at St. Charles Country Club. All Class members received a pair of commemorative crystal wine glasses and were sent a copy of the official reunion photo taken at the Manitoba Club.


The Class of 1980

On September 25 the graduates of the Class of 1980 celebrated their 25thReunion and held a movie and games night at the Faculty of Law in the common room.  The movies they showed were ones which they made of their law school experience in the late 1970s and another one they made for graduation.  Professors and staff were in attendance and refreshments were served, it was a great time.



The Class of 1963

The class of ’63 reunion was organized by Chief Justice Richard Scott. It was held on May 30, 2009 at Robson Hall. Guests reminisced and toured the law school.



Julian Toole class of ‘49 traveled all the way from San Francisco with his wife Rhea. They enjoyed meeting over lunch with the Dean Chris Axworthy, Q.C., and other representatives of the law school on September 11, 2009.

On September 11, a reunion was also organized by George Chapman and the Class of ‘59.



The Class of 1969

On September 11, 2009, William G. Percy and the Class of ‘69 met at the Law Courts Building, while on September 12, 2009 Robson Hall welcomed back both the Class of ’84 and ’99.

Denyse Côté, David Jackson and Steve Vincent organized the weekend events for the Class of ’84 while Elisa Schellman organized the weekend events for the Class of ’99 reunion.


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