Articling 2018/2019 – Legal Services Branch -Toronto On – Applications via VILaw Portal

2018-19 Articling Student (3 positions) 

Application requirements:
Applications must include a resume, cover letter, undergraduate and law school transcripts, upcoming year’s course selection, and two (2) letters of reference or reference names. NCA candidates please include your NCA Assessment Report, Examination Summary Report, and Certificate of Qualification (if accreditation process is complete)

Applications will be accepted by mail / courier, email or by use of the VI Law Portal.

Security screening requirements:

A general security screening check will be required.

Send applications to:
Student Committee
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Legal Services Branch
Ministry of the Attorney General
135 St. Clair Ave. West, 10th Floor
Toronto, ON M4V 1P5
VI Law Portal:

Branch overview:

Our Branch provides legal services to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). There are two types of practices in the Branch – litigation and solicitors.

Solicitors’ files generally fall into one or more of the following groups:
• Aboriginal;
• Agencies (governance and appointments);
• Approvals (environmental assessment, Renewable Energy Approvals, Environmental Compliance Approvals, Financial Assurance, and Pesticides);
• Corporate commercial (contracts and procurements and bankruptcy);
• General advice (climate change, legislative interpretation, Freedom of Information and Environmental Bill of Rights),
• Inter-jurisdictional;
• Legislative drafting;
• Program advice (drive clean, brownfields and sector compliance); and
• Regional (permits to take water and orders).

Litigation files include both prosecutions and hearings matters. Our Litigators generally appear on both types of matters and files fall within one of the following groups:
• Prosecutions conducted under MOECC’s environmental legislation in the Ontario Court of Justice;
• Appeals of prosecutions at all levels;
• Hearings before the Environmental Review Tribunal (Renewable Energy Approvals and Environmental Compliance Approvals);
• Other tribunals periodically;
• Appeals of hearing decisions;
• Judicial review applications; and
• Arbitrations.


Description of program:

Articling Students will have a minimum of three rotations during their articling term. The rotations include: solicitors, hearings and prosecutions work. There may also be a general rotation where students are able to take on a variety of work.

During the solicitor’s rotation, students will have the opportunity to work directly with Counsel in all of the various practice areas. Students will have the opportunity to attend meetings, interact with the client, prepare memorandum and draft documents.

During the prosecutions rotation, students will prepare for and attend on environmental prosecutions with Counsel and on their own. Students usually have carriage of at least one file of their own.

In the hearings rotation, students will assist Counsel to prepare for and attend on hearings and arbitrations, and potentially judicial review applications and statutory appeals before Divisional Court.

Students usually have the opportunity, and are encouraged to attend trials and hearings.

The student’s Principal works with the student to ensure a rewarding experience from a learning and skills perspective. Students are able and encouraged to attend MAG (Ministry of the Attorney General) and ALOC (Association of Law Officers of the Crown) educational sessions.


Additional contact:

Patrick Hamilton or Justin Jacob
Email: or
Phone: Patrick – 416-314-0380 or Justin – 416-314-6523




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