Regional Nuclear Non-proliferation & Disarmament:  Controls, Defence and Diplomacy

September 20, 2018 – September 21, 2018 all-day
Canadian Museum for Human Rights
85 Israel Asper Way
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0L5
Marcia Kort
Regional Nuclear Non-proliferation & Disarmament:  Controls, Defence and Diplomacy @ Canadian Museum for Human Rights | Winnipeg | Manitoba | Canada

Regional Nuclear Non-proliferation & Disarmament:
Controls, Defence and Diplomacy
September 20-21, 2018
Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Conference Overview
Problems regarding nuclear security and non-proliferation continue to raise important legal debates.  “The potentially harmful effect of weapons of mass destruction makes it imperative to consider further legal consequences. … there is the need for a paradigm-shift in how we approach, interpret, and apply this area of law, [with]an ever-emerging body of nuclear law, consisting of common rights and obligations binding on all states …. comprised of the content, principles and political objectives of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and includes legislation adopted pursuant to the NPT and the case law of the International Court of Justice.”
 – Jonathan Black-Branch, Nuclear Terrorism by States and Non-State Actors: Global Responses to Threats to Military and Human Security in International Law.  Journal of Conflict & Security Law(2017) 1-48. Oxford University Press.

We will convene a group of international experts for interdisciplinary discussions regarding various regional and institutional approaches to Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament.  The Faculty of Law of the University of Manitoba, together with the Committee on Nuclear Weapons, Non-Proliferation and Contemporary International Law of the International Law Association (ILA), in conjunction with the Round Table Strategic Forum on Nuclear Non-Proliferation in International Law, is hosting a second research conference and round table to assess outstanding legal problems with the view to identifying general legal obligations for States to, including principles and rules on the law of nuclear non-proliferation regarding disarmament and non-proliferation and the need for regional solutions to address control of nuclear capacity, including for peaceful purposes and further limitations to conventional weapons under international humanitarian law. Topics will include a wide range of legal issues regarding nuclear developments taking into consideration social, political and economic matters presented by leading international experts for interdisciplinary discussions on emerging problems and solutions to Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament.

Guest speakers include:

  • Ms. Kerrie Blaise, Canadian Environmental Law Association
  • Dr. Monique Cormier, University of New England
  • Dr. Dieter Fleck, ILA Committee on Nuclear Weapons, Non-proliferation and Contemporary International Law
  • Dr. M. Michelle Gallant, University of Manitoba
  • Dr. Will Galloway, Keio University of Tokyo
  • Mr. Ulf Haeussler, Federal Ministry of Defense, Republic of Germany
  • Dr. Nobuo Hayashi
  • Dr. Seth Hoedl, Post Road Foundation
  • Dr. Anna Hood, University of Auckland
  • Ms. Jenifer Mackby, Federation of American Scientists & Partnership for a Secure America
  • The Honourable Marilou McPhedran, Senate of Canada
  • Dr. Yolandi Meyer, University of Johannesburg
  • Mr. Taymoor Pilehvar, OU Centre for International Business and Human Rights
  • Dr. Clara Portela, University of Valencia
  • Dr. Daniel Rieticker, University of Lausanne

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