The Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law’s 4th Annual INTLaw Conference

April 23, 2018 @ 8:00 am – April 24, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
Inn at the Forks
75 Forks Market Rd
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4Y3

The Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law extends an invitation to all business or law graduate students, academics, and practitioners to its International Business and Trade Law (INTLaw) Conference on April 23rd and April 24th, 2018 at the Inn at the Forks hotel in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

We aim to have lively discussions on innovative topics in international economics, business, and trade law (including e-commerce). This year, the two themes of the conference will be the Sharing Economy and Secession Movements. 

A major focus of the conference is to provide a forum for graduate students, early-career academics, experienced scholars, and practitioners to present their work. If approved, papers may be published in the Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law, a peer-reviewed (by the editors) and refereed annual publication. The Asper Review is long established and well-regarded: among Canadian Law Journals it is ranked eighth overall, third among specialized journals, and first in the area of international trade law. It is ranked seventh in the world in peer-reviewed or refereed international trade law journals (Washington and Lee University annual survey).

We invite all interested in attending to do so at no registration fee! Please contact us at to reserve your seat.

The final conference schedule is now available here: 2018_Program_-_4th_ASPER_INTLaw_Conference

View feedback from previous conferences at:

Presenters for the 2018 INTLaw Conference

Name Paper Title
Baskaran Balasingham Most-Favoured Customer Clauses and Online Platforms: Enforcement Strategies and Priorities under EU Competition and US Antritrust Law
Chinonso T. Anozie The Parallel Application of Monopoly and Competition in Energy Sector of Developing Countries; A Malediction to Energy Development
Zubair Khan Settlement of biodiversity disputes through emerging sharing economy: benefit sharing mechanism and patent co-ownership
Johanna Gusman Shoring up international trade law with respect to global health: how future treaties can be drafted/amended to account for WHO FCTC implementation challenges
Howard Chitimira The Regulation of Insider Trading in Namibia: Challenges and Prospects
Leisan Safina The Potentials of Smart Contract in Islamic Trade Finance
Ana Chuc Gamboa International Trade Law and International Human Rights Law: Siblings or Distant Relatives
Aly Haji The Illusion of Innovation at Canadian Law Firms
Azar Mahmoudi The Proliferation of Corruption in Sanctioned Regimes: How Economic Sanctions Undermine Anti-Corruption Reforms in Iran
Kaja Zaleska-Korziuk When good Samaritan is paying your litigation costs – the phenomena of strategic third-party funding.
Mario Bouchard Collective Management of Copyright and the Sharing Economy: Same Wine, Newer Bottles?
Tom Slee Author of What’s Yours is Mine: Against the Sharing Economy
Paul Moist From the Center for Policy Alternatives
Janelle Orsi – skype presentation Author of Practicing Law in the Sharing Economy
Abbey Stemler – from Indiana University Author of “Betwixt and Between: Regulating the Sharing Economy”
Peter Holle From the Frontier Center

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