News from the Robsoncrim Group

1) Check out this piece: “The Charter at 35: The police reined in by rights” – Professor Richard Jochelson is cited in this recent piece

2) Robson Hall student, Kasia Kieloch has written an exciting piece – “Preliminary inquiries- should they stay or go”?

3) Robson Hall student, Rebecca Shille, has written an important piece on consent law in sexual assault: “Clearly a Drunk Can Consent? Intoxication and Consent in Canada”

4) Feminist activist Mandi Gray has contributed an important piece to, calling out the National Post’s recent columns for victim shaming survivors of sexual assault in “Is There Any Accountability for Canadian Columnists? A response to Christie Blatchord’s astonishing column about a sex assault survivor

5) Robson Hall student, Alexandra Derwin, has written a compelling piece about mental illness and the criminal justice system: “Vince Li: is he a public danger?”

6) National security law expert and TRU Law Professor,  Robert Diab has weighed in on Canada’s surveillant tendencies in an important Robsoncrim blog “When Privacy and Terror Collide: Why New and Invasive Search Powers May Be Found Constitutional”

7) Professors Davy Ireland and Richard Jochelson have been invited to present a joint paper at the Critical Perspectives/Representing Justice conference, a national criminal justice and criminology conference. Their paper is entitled: “The Future of Section 8 of the Charter: the Drift from Hunter v. Southam

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