Taking Care of Hearts and Minds

A New Approach for Lawyers-in-Training

APRIL 5, 2018 — The study of Law is an intellectually challenging and life-consuming endeavour, but mental health is not something lawyers have traditionally been willing to discuss openly. An in-depth CBC report from 2016 examined research that found lawyers are at higher risk of mental health issues and addictions than the general populace.

During the 2017 – 2018 academic year, both Robson Hall Faculty of Law administrators and students took concrete steps to address and raise awareness of mental health stressors on Law students with a number of events: The Dean’s office worked together with the Associate Dean (Academic) to introduce an on-site student counsellor this January. Independently, Manitoba law students formed a Robson Hall Mental Health Group, and this spring the Manitoba Law Students Association (MLSA) Spirit Committee fully embraced organizing the annual Law Students’ “Wellness Days.” Most recently, the AD (Academic)’s office brought in David Ness, Director of the University of Manitoba’s Student Counselling Centre to speak to law students on Managing Stress for Success right before exams.

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