Reproductive and sexual rights seminars

These free public seminars will be held mostly on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. in Room 206, Robson Hall, on the Fort Garry campus from September to December 2018.

Graduate and law students: register to attend these seminars for credit.

Tentative schedule (please check back for updates):

Sept. 5, 2018: Introduction (UM law Prof. Karen Busby)

Sept. 12: Why are Convictions so Difficult to Obtain in Sexual Assault Cases? (Prof. Karen Busby)

Written summary, podcast (Part I , Part II , Part III , Part IV), PowerPoint

Assigned Reading: Busby, Barkaskas, Krishnan, Verner. Optional: Craig, Haskell.

Sept. 19: What Should University Sexual Violence Policies Look Like? (Prof. Karen Busby)

Written summary, podcast (Part I, Part II, Part III), PowerPoint

Assigned reading: Dalhousie, UBC, Our Turn, Advanced Education Administration Act, section 2.3. Optional: Sheehy, SVP policy compilation, The Hunting Ground (2015 documentary).

Sept. 26: The Walking with Our Sisters project (lawyer Tanya Kappo)

Written summary

Assigned reading: MMIWGI Interim report, Fox Lake testimony. Optional: BartonMMIWGI video clips.

Oct. 3: Thinking about Marginalized Sexual Practices: 1 p.m. Robot Sex (UM philosopher Dr. Neil McArthur) & 2:30 p.m. Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism (Prof. Karen Busby)

Written summary, podcast (McArthur & questions), PowerPoint

Assigned reading: Strikwerda, Khan, Busby (Tied), look for updates on child sex doll case of Kenneth Harrison. OptionalLars and the Real Girl (movie) and Her (movie).

Oct. 10: Student presentations on university sexual violence policies.

Assigned reading: online student submissions.

Oct. 17: The Legal Regulation of Surrogate Motherhood (Prof. Karen Busby)

Written summary, podcast (Part IA, Part IB, Part II), PowerPoint

Assigned reading: Berk, White, CFAS position statements. Optional: search for commentary on Bill C404, a private member’s bill introduced by Anthony Housefather.

Oct. 24: Laws Touching on Pregnancy Termination: (Nadine Sookermany, executive director of Women’s Health Clinic)  & Skewed Sex Ratios (Dr. Marcelo Urquia, UM community health sciences)

Nadine Sookermany written summary & Dr. Marcelo Urquia written summary, podcasts (Nadine Sookermany & Dr. Marcelo Urquia Part IIA, Part IIB)

Assigned reading: Berer, International Women’s Health Coalition, Wanigaratne, Urquia. Optional: Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada case and updates (on appeal to OCA), ARCC.

Oct. 31: 1 p.m. Vulnerable Youth: Children Exploited in Sex Work (Dr. Cathy Rocke, UM Social Work & Laurie MacKenzie, Knowledge Keepers advisory council for sexually exploited youth) & 2:30 p.m. Vulnerable Youth: LGBT Identity and Expression (Dr. Fenton Litwiller, UM Recreational Studies)

Rocke & MacKenzie written summary and podcast (Part IA & Part IB), Litwiller written summary and slides.

Assigned reading: Rocke. Optional: Whitehead.

Nov. 7: Queer Political Organizing (Centre for Human Rights Research manager Helen Fallding and Queer Yukon‘s Stephanie Hammond). Event sponsored by Women’s and Gender Studies and the Margaret Laurence Endowment Fund.

Written summary, podcasts (Fallding1, Fallding2, Hammond1, Hammond2&questions), Fallding slides. Hammond slides

Assigned reading: Korinek. Optional: Hunt & Holmes.

Nov. 14: Fall break, no seminar

Nov. 21: HIV/AIDS, Harm Reduction and Criminalization (Dr. Pierre Plourde, medical officer of health, and Dr. Paula Migliardi, healthy sexuality and harm reduction, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority)

Assigned reading: WRHA

Nov. 28: Reflections on the Feminist Sex Wars (Prof. Karen Busby)

Assigned reading: LGBT Purge.

Readings and other materials

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