Corporations II

Course number: LAW 3016


Corporations Law II is intended to be a course that satisfies the Research and Writing Course component of the curriculum, once this is approved by the Academic Affairs Committee.  As a result, there is a major paper requirement in the course.

The course will be focused on issues inside the broad rubric of “corporate governance”. The course will consider both issues of corporate governance theory and real-world examples of its practice.

Teaching Method

For the first six weeks of the course, the instructor will choose the topics to be reviewed by the class, and the materials to be considered by the class. Class participation is mandatory.

During the second six weeks of the course, each student will be assigned a 50-minute period where the student will be expected to assigned one or two pieces for review by their classmates, and then lead the discussion of those materials in a critical way (that is, in a way that stimulates discussion, rather than description of the materials).


Class participation throughout the course will be evaluated, as will each student’s presentation of the material that the student chose to assign to their classmates.

Class participation (10 per cent of the grade in the course);

Class Presentation (10 per cent of the grade in the course);

Short note (2-3 pages double spaced) explaining why the student chose the materials and the broad scope of the argument that interests (10 per cent of the grade in the course).

The final paper will be no less than 7500 words, and no more than 10,000 words.  It is expected that the class presentation will relate to the student’s chosen paper topic.  (70 per cent of the grade in the course).

Students will be given a set of non-exhaustive paper topic suggestions at the beginning of the course.

Course Materials:

Course materials (or links to them) will be posted on UMLearn.

Instructor(s): Darcy MacPherson

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