Awards & Prizes

Current as of September 2016

University of Manitoba Awards Database
The Financial Aid & Awards Database includes information on all active, senate-approved, undergraduate and graduate awards administered by the University of Manitoba.

A.J. Christie Prize
Abraham L. Simkin, Q.C. Prize
Advocis Prize
Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson Honourable Marshall Rothstein Prize
Alf Francis Memorial Prize
Anthony G. Draper Memorial Prize
Archie Micay, Q.C. Prizes
Benvenuto Straccha Prize
Bereskin and Parr Prize
Bernard B. Dubienski and Amy E. Dubienski Memorial Scholarship
Blake Cassels & Graydon Award
Borden Ladner Gervais Professional Excellence Award
Cecil Black Memorial Prize(s)
Class of 1980 Prize
D'Arcy McCaffrey, Q.C. Memorial Award
D.A. Thompson, Q.C. Prizes
David and Myrna Bowman Prize
David Levin Memorial Prize in Real Estate Transactions
Dean Maxwell Cohen & Family Award
Duncan J. Jessiman Q.C. Prize
Fillmore Riley Endowment Fund
Frank Billinkoff Prize(s)
Frederick J. Turner, Q.C./Keith Turner, Q.C. Prize
Garth Erickson Memorial Prize(s)
George Thomas Chapman Q.C. Family Prize
Gilbert T. Gregory Memorial Prize
H.I. Corne Prize
Hart Green Junior Memorial Prize for Charter Issues in Criminal Law
Harvey Bell Memorial Prize (for Aboriginal Graduates in Law)
Hon. Archibald S. Dewar Award for Advocacy
Hon. Israel Nitikman/Dorothea Nitikman Prize
Honsa Family Prize in Intellectual Property Law Prize
Irvin Goldman Prize for Excellence in Criminal Law
J.S.D. Tory Writing Award
Jack Rice Memorial Prize
Jane Evans Q.C. Prize for Property, Trusts, Wills & Succession
John L. Ross, Q.C. Moot Competition Travel Award
John R. Haig Q.C. Memorial Prize in Advanced Legal Research
Judge Ross A. Johnston Prize for Family Law
Kimberly Dawn Gusto Memorial Award
L.D. Morosnick Prize for Crime, Law and Society
Law Society of Manitoba Prize: The Margaret Hypatia Crawford Prize
Law Society of Manitoba Prizes
Leon Mitchell, Q.C. Prize in Labour Relations
Lieutenant M.M. Soronow Scholarship for Highest Standing in First Year Law
Manitoba Bar Association Solomon Greenberg Prize in Advocacy
Manitoba Law Journal Prize
Max and Manly Isaacs Prize
Max Kaplan Prize
Mel Myers, Q.C. Award
Melrose Sissons/Winnifred Wilton Memorial Prize
Mr. Justice Gerald W.E. Mercier Prize
Mr. Justice Nitikman and Mrs. I. Nitikman Prize
Muriel St. John Research Award for Women's Legal Issues
Neil James MacDonald Memorial Prize in Criminal Law
Oscar Wilder Memorial Prize
Osgoode Society Legal History Book Prize
Paul Norman Warren Memorial Prize
Paul Teskey Memorial Prize for Labour Law and Mediation
Pauline and Samuel Zinman Prize
Pitblado Scholarships
Previous Gold Medallists in Law
Regina Novek Prize
R.R. Goodwin Q.C. Memorial Award
Robert J.M. Adkins Prize in Municipal and Planning Law
Robert Soronow, Q.C. Prize for Dispute Resolution
Roger Carter Scholarship Award (for Aborignal 2nd and 3rd Year Students)
Samuel Hyman Memorial Prize
Scotiabank Award in Trusts
Susan Loadman Memorial Award
The Hon. Mr. Justice Hudson Prize for Jurisprudence
The Winnipeg Foundation, Philanthropy and the Law Essay Prize
Tradition Law LLP Wealth and Succession Prize
University Gold Medal
Yude M. Henteleff Award in Human Rights and Civil Liberties
ZSA - National Post/Richard Leipsic Prize
Earl Parker Prize
STEP Canada Prize in Estate Law


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