D.A. Thompson, Q.C. Prizes

Many D.A. Thompson, Q.C. Prizes awarded for highest standing in: Aboriginal Peoples and Land Claims, Aboriginal People and the Law, Advanced Issues in Intellectual Property, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Employment Law, Income Tax Law & Policy, International Business Law, International Trade Law, Law & Bio Ethics, Law and Literature, Legislative Process, Immigration Law, Legal Systems, Property, Remedies, Restitution, Securities Law, and Torts

Background Information

Don Thompson was the Thompson in the prominent Winnipeg law firm Thompson, Dorfman, Sweatman.  Obviously, he was a mover and shaker within the legal profession and the Winnipeg community.  Prominent among his many contributions to the community, his many accomplishments, and his several honours are being President of the Law Society of Manitoba and a member of the U. of M. Board of Governors, major involvement in the Scouting movement and the Anglican Church, both provincially and nationally, chairing the Social Service Audit for Winnipeg in the late 1960s, an Honorary LL.D. from the University of Manitoba, the Peter D. Curry Chancellors Award for his non-monetary contributions to the University of Manitoba, and the Order of the Buffalo Hunt.

Several years ago a grateful client created a sizeable Fund in Don Thompson’s name and gave to him supervision of the Fund.  He decided that the annual income of the Fund is to be used to fund the Faculty’s Distinguished Visitors Program, several Course prizes, and $5,000.00 in annual bursary allocations.  Don Thompson died on July 27, 1992, after 65 years at the Bar.

Disclaimer: The description of the prizes is accurate at the time of posting on the web. However, terms of reference may change and for any further information please contact the Associate Dean’s Office.

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