Aboriginal Peoples and the Law

Course number: LAW 3310

A study of the laws relating to Aboriginal Peoples in North America from the colonial period to the present. Special emphasis will be given to aboriginal rights, hunting and fishing rights, the legal aspects of Indian Treaties and the Indian Act. A more general treatment will be given to a study of Aboriginal Peoples’ relationship to civil and criminal law in modern Canadian society.



TEACHING METHOD: Seminars comprising presentation of papers and general discussion.

ASSESSMENT: Each student will make one major presentation to the class. The presentation in written form will constitute 75% of the grade. In addition, each student will be responsible to act as primary critic for some other student’s presentation. Class participation including this critique will be worth 25% of the grade. Attendance is compulsory.

COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE: If a student misses two classes, then his/her grade will drop by half a letter grade. For each additional class missed, the student’s grade drops a further half a letter grade, e.g. for three classes missed, a grade of B will be dropped to a grade of C, four classes missed to a D, etc. A legitimate reason for missing a class will not be counted as a missed class, as long as the student informs the instructor of the intended absence in advance of the scheduled class.


INSTRUCTOR: Wendy Whitecloud

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