Civil Procedure

Course number: LAW 2672 (Formerly 2670)


“Introduction to Civil Procedure” explores the importance of procedural law to the evolution of substantive law and legal standards. The course will focus on the practices, rules and procedures leading to the trial of a civil action. The underlying purposes of the rules are identified and used to explain the rules’ content and operation. The course is very much about “lawyering” and the skills, tactics and strategies of civil litigation, including ethical considerations. We will also examine the civil justice process with a critical eye to see where it can be reformed.

The course will concentrate on the Manitoba Queen’s Bench Rules and the cases interpreting those rules. Practical tips and measures to ensure compliance with the rules will also be considered. Problem solving will be stressed by studying how the rules apply in various factual scenarios.


  • A copy of Busby, Manitoba Queen’s Bench Rules, 2013, Carswell.  They are available at the Bookstore, and a few copies are in the library. The Queen’s Bench Rules are also available online.
  • Introduction to Civil Procedure Course Materials 2012/2013 (Available on Desire-to Learn and at the Bookstore)


Self-Study:  “Limitation of Actions”, Course Materials, pages 118-180

Final Examination:   100 %

INSTRUCTORS: William Gange

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