Clinical Family Law

Course number: LAW 3132

The primary purpose of this offering is to train students in the skills necessary to effectively practice Family Law. Students will be required to attend class and participate in simulated exercises. Particular emphasis will be given to procedure and practical resolution of family law issues. The course is spread over both terms but the total number of hours of instruction accords with its designation as a three credit course.
Grading: Pass/Fail

Extended Course Description

COURSE CONTENT: The major objective is to introduce students to the procedural aspects of family law including both litigation and collaborative processes.  The course is also concerned with the development of negotiation and advocacy skills transferable to all areas of general litigation.

The students will be given fact situations and through simulation exercises they will cover all the components of the family law process The components will include: drafting agreements, petitions, answers and petitions for divorces, applications, notices of motion, affidavits, case management information statements, motion briefs and orders; conducting examinations for discovery and cross examinations on affidavits; spousal and child support concepts and use of computer software to calculate support; Family Property  Act accountings and other property references; effective written and oral communication techniques and how to manage client expectations.

TEACHING METHOD: The course will be a weekly 2 hour session in 1st and 2nd term totaling 3 credits. A seminar format will be used with discussion and case presentation. The class on judicial case management will take place at the Law Courts with a Family Division judge, and there will be an opportunity to shadow a Family Division judge for half a day.

TERM WORK REQUIRED: Students will be expected to prepare a number of assignments and present their work in class. Attendance at seminars is compulsory.

MATERIALS: Readings as assigned.

METHOD OF EVALUATION: This is a pass/fail course.


INSTRUCTOR: Greg Evans, Connie Peterson

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