Competitions A

Course number: LAW 3210

Credit for selected students who satisfactorily participate in those academic competitions approved by Faculty Council.

Grading: Pass/Fail.

Extended Course Description

COURSE CONTENT: Subject to available funding, the Faculty participates in several national moot competitions,including

The Gale Cup (Constitutional Law), The Kawaskimhon Moot (Aboriginal Law), The Laskin Bilingual Moot (Administrative Law) and the Jessup International Moot (International Law), Willem Vis Moot (International Business Law) and one regional competition, the Western Canadian Trial Moot. Manitoba sends teams of 2-5 students to each competition. The team for the Western Canadian Trial Moot is taken from the Advocacy moot. Each competition involves the preparation of written material and oral argument before distinguished judges, lawyers and legal academics. Note, the Laskin Moot is bilingual and at least one of the members must argue in French and part of the written material is written in French.

CREDIT: 3 credits.

WORKLOAD: The workload, which is heavy, is concentrated in the months of January and February. Emphasis is on research, preparation of a factum and well-rehearsed oral submissions. The teams are closely supervised by instructors. Although considerable time and effort is involved, the exercise provides a unique and rewarding development of appellate and trial advocacy skills.

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