Human Rights Law

Course number: LAW 3018

Second and third year – perspective

Course Description:

This course will explore the key concepts in human rights law, theory and practice.  The class will begin with the historical development of international human rights and move through the implementation of norms in both domestic and international settings.  The course will familiarize students with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convention of Civil and Political Rights, the Canadian Human Rights Act, human rights interplay with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as Manitoba’s Human Rights Code. Underlying the jurisdictional and institutional frameworks, class discussions will take a critical approach to human rights law and examine issues including intersectionality, the debate between universalism and cultural relativism, agency and accountability, challenges to human rights accessibility as well other contemporary and emerging human rights issues.   Certain aspects of the course will connect to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and select guest lectures will help students to contemplate legal careers in human rights both locally and globally.

Course evaluation will be based on participation (10%), presentations from selected topics (30%) and research papers on topics chosen by students based on their interests (60%).

Materials:  Course materials will be posted to UMLearn or available online.

InstructorShauna Labman

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