Insurance Law

Course number: LAW 3022

The objective of the class is to prepare you to be an articling student to an insurance lawyer.

This is done by introducing you to basic concepts and terms in insurance law (e.g. how to interpret insurance contracts, understanding the duty of good faith at the time of contract formation and at the time of administering the policy etc.).  The course is structured around an insurance policy (as assigned in class).

The class is taught primarily through lectures.  Students are expected to have read the materials in advance of class and be prepared to offer their insights into the materials when requested.

The required books for the class are listed in the syllabus.  Students are evaluated on a research memo due on the final class of the year.  It is worth 100% of the grade.  Details of the assignment are outlined in the syllabus and in the research question.

Suggested Courses to Take Before Insurance: Legal Ethics and Administrative Law


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