International Business Law

Course number: LAW 3012

Critical and constructive study, at an advanced level, of a significant major subject or set of topics.

Extended Course Description

COURSE OBJECTIVE: Explore the law and practical and social realities of international business transactions. We will look at some of the legal doctrines and treaties connected with international transactions, and explore how theory meets hard realities in areas such as the international regulation of corrupt business practices. There will be an emphasis on dealing with cross-cultural aspects of international business, including different methods of communicating, emphasis on written agreements versus trust-based relationships, negotiating styles etc.


  • technical aspects of international transactions, including letters of credit, resort to international commercial arbitration, choice of law, choice of forum, choice of dispute settling mechanism; private international law treaties such as the International Sale of Goods conventions;
  • state treaties dealing with the public regulation of transactions, including conventions on investor protection, corruption, money laundering; -developments in the regulation of internet transactions;
  • literature on cultural differences in approaches to legalism, negotiating style.

TEACHING METHOD: Lecture and student presentations.

METHOD OF EVALUATION: Paper: 60%, General Class Participation: 25%, Student Presentation: 15%.

ENROLMENT: Limited to 18.


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