International Criminal Justice

Course number: LAW 3980 

Overview and Course Content

This course will examine some of the most serious crimes known to humanity – including, genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. The creation of such crimes has been as a result of the considerable death and destruction inflicted during international and internal armed conflicts (as well as other serious conflicts over the past century in particular) and the desire and need to hold accountable, those persons responsible for committing such acts.

As part of the course, the class will also study

  • the main sources of international criminal and humanitarian law
  • history and development of international criminal and humanitarian law
  • modes of criminal liability
  • defences

Course Materials: A textbook and other materials will be assigned.

Methods of Evaluation:

Major research paper valued at 75%

Participation valued at 25% (this includes positive class contribution and seminar leadership).

INSTRUCTOR:  Amar Khoday

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