Legal Profession and Professional Responsibility

Course number: LAW 3024

Overview: This course will introduce students to the ethical, legal and regulatory framework within which lawyers operate. By examining Codes of Conduct, Law Society Rules, case law and scholarly research we will consider a wide array of issues facing the modern profession.

This course considers the legal profession generally and examines issues relating to professional ethics as they pertain to individuals as well as the profession collectively.  Topics range from the practicalities of daily practise to larger ethical issues arising from self-regulation, rules of practice and codes of conduct.  Several specific areas of contemporary concern will be studied such as: formation of the lawyer/client relationship, competence, conflicts of interest, issues in advocacy and the administration of justice, access to justice and professional discipline.

Too often lawyers are portrayed in a negative light because things have gone wrong.  Yet, the reality is that most lawyers not only properly perform important and valuable services for their clients but also make a significant contribution to the community at large.  It is hoped that this course will help you navigate through potential problem areas and inspire you to be a proud lawyer who achieves professional excellence and personal satisfaction.

Teaching Method: Lecture, class discussion and video.

Assessment: Pass/Fail based on mandatory attendance and completion of written assignments.

Course Materials: Blaikie, Cromwell and Pink (eds), Why Good Lawyers Matter, 2012, Irwin Law, Toronto
The Law Society of Manitoba Code of Professional Conduct (Available on line)
Rules of the Law Society of Manitoba (Available on line)
Other reading as assigned.


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