Manitoba Law Reform Commission Intership

The Manitoba Law Reform Commission (MLRC) is an independent law reform agency created in 1970. Its role is to improve, modernize and reform the law and administration of justice in Manitoba. The Commission carries out research and consultation and makes formal recommendations for law reform to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General. Working with the MLRC involves tracing the history of legal and policy issues, comparing the legislation and common law of Canadian and International jurisdictions, gathering and incorporating public feedback, and relaying this information to the Commissioners in a concise and practically applicable manner. This course will serve as a bridge between the academic study of law and the practice of law, with a particular focus on research, writing, and the interpretation of legislation.

Students will be required to engage in legal research and writing by drawing on the substantive knowledge they have acquired over the course of their law studies.  Students will gain a better understanding of the relationship between law reform initiatives and the real experiences of the wider community. Students will also come to appreciate that engagement with the broader community is often about collaborating with others whose resources, skill sets and perspectives can assist with better understanding the political, social and historical contexts in which legal issues exist.

This internship will require between 90 and 100 hours in the internship placement, under the supervision of a MLRC lawyer.  This amounts to approximately one day/week during either the fall or winter term.  The exact hours of the placement vary.   Students must apply for this internship and will be screened on the basis of strong academic performance, their related course work, career plans, and related experience.

Under the supervision of MLRC legal counsel, Interns will (1) assist with legal research and writing in relation to ongoing Commission projects; (2) assist with preparation for and attend Commission meetings and public engagement events; (3) undertake a small research project addressing a legal issue of the intern’s choice.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Michelle Gallant

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