Métis Peoples and Canadian Law

Course number: LAW 3980

Course Description: Given the location of Robson Hall in Winnipeg, the homeland of the Métis peoples, Robson Hall is well situated to offer a course specifically focusing on Métis peoples and Canadian law. The goal of this course is to consider the distinctions in the rights and protections of Métis people in Canada, including the legal and regulatory distinctions between Métis and First Nations. The course begins with a historic overview and introduction to the ethnogenesis of the Métis peoples. The course then considers how section 35(1) of the Constitution Act, 1982 protects the Métis peoples’ rights including in the areas of harvesting, land, government and culture/language. The course concludes by looking at traditional Métis laws and how these laws and understandings of their rights align with the protections under s. 35(1).

Positive Class Contribution (15%)
Seminar Leadership (15%)
Research Paper (70%)


Draft Syllabus

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