Course Name:   Legal Negotiation

Course Number:  LAW 2680

Second Year Only


Overview:   Negotiation is an introduction to the theory and practice of legal dispute resolution by negotiation advocacy. It includes material on professional legal ethics, skills practice, and an introduction to collaborative divorce JADR, mediation process and advocacy, and discussion of appropriate selection of process for successful dispute resolution.

Teaching Method:  “Hands-on.”

The course is a clinical one.  Assisted, coached and critiqued by lawyers, students practice various negotiation skills in class exercises, written plans, discussion of fact problems, two small group evening workshops and a final major negotiation received live by two lawyer-judges and by video review with the instructor.

Assessment:   This is a pass-fail course. Students earn a pass by attendance (mandatory written assignment for all absences) class participation in class exercises, and satisfactory written plans and participation in workshops and at final negotiation. Top 32 negotiations in the class are selected to compete in the Annual Robson Hall Negotiation Competition.

Course Materials:  Mandatory Text – Golann & Folberg, Negotiation, Online Professional Code of Conduct, handouts in class.

Instructor:  Richard Yaffe (lawyer & sessional instructor), Weinstein and Meltzer and Nichole Hiebert (lawyer & sessional instructor)

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