Preventing Wrongful Convictions Clinic

Course number: Law 3250 T18

Course Description:

This course will be limited to 12 students. Students must have already taken Preventing Wrongful Convictions. This is an intensive clinical course that will involve a great deal of independent work (6-12 hours per week). Students must be prepared to put significant time into reading case files and analyzing materials. Students will be learning by doing, using mock case files (from real wrongful conviction cases) as well as attending lectures from the course instructor and community experts. Students will also help to develop the “live intake” side of the clinic as we work towards taking on actual case files in Manitoba. Topics explored in the course include an in-depth examination of the environmental factors that can lead to wrongful convictions; client interview strategies and ethical guidelines; the federal post-conviction review process; forensic analysis and re-examination; application drafting; and research skills and big file management.

Course Materials:

Annotated Criminal Code, 2018 

Code of Professional Conduct, Manitoba Law Society 2018.

Other materials as assigned



Course Instructor:

David Ireland with guest lecturers from the legal and scientific communities.

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