Torts and Compensation Systems (Dr. J. Schulz)

Torts and Compensation Systems 

Course number: LAW 1480


Tort law consists of a collection of individual torts designed to protect particular private law interests. It is most often divided between conduct that is intentional and conduct that is negligent.  However, the reality of modern day civil litigation is that the overwhelming majority of tort law suits focus on negligence.  As such, the entire first term will be spent on the tort of negligence.  In the second term, we will examine the intentional torts and other torts such as defamation.  Students are expected to come prepared to every class.


Midterm Open Book Exam (end of first term) – 30%

Final (Cumulative) Open Book Exam – 70%

Course Material

Linden, A.M., Klar, L.N. & Feldthusen, B. (2014) Canadian Tort Law: Cases, Notes & Materials. (15th ed.)


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