David Ireland

David Ireland photo by Amar KhodayDavid Ireland
Assistant Professor

Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Canada, R3T 2N2
tel: 204.474.6147



Professor David Ireland conducts research in the area of criminal law and procedure, employing both qualitative and quantitative research designs. He is particularly interested in the effect of social class on justice system outcomes; plea-bargaining and sentence quantum; and the social consequences of guilty plea justice. Professor Ireland is also involved in investigating the mechanics of the Canadian jury trial system as part of a multi-disciplinary research team.


David Ireland is an Assistant Professor at Robson Hall, Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba. A graduate of both the LL.B. and LL.M. programs at Robson Hall, Professor Ireland practiced criminal law as both Crown and defence counsel before joining the faculty in 2016. His graduate thesis, “Bargaining for Expedience? The Overuse of Joint Recommendations on Sentence”, supervised by Professor Debra Parkes, highlighted the prevalence of cultural joint recommendations in the plea-bargaining process in Manitoba. Professor Ireland is a frequent presenter in the criminal justice community, regularly speaking at conferences for judges, lawyers and law enforcement officers.

Selected Publications

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

“Bargaining for Expedience: The Overuse of Joint Recommendations on Sentence” Manitoba Law Journal, Volume 38 (2016)

Edited Collections

Manitoba Law Journal: Criminal Law Edition (Jochelson, Khoday & Ireland eds.) Manitoba Law Journal, Special Edition, Volume 40, Number 3 (2017)

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