John Irvine

John IrvineJohn Irvine

Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Canada, R3T 2N2
tel: 204.474.6130
fax: 204.474.7580


Courses Taught
Teaching and Research Areas


Professor, University of Manitoba.

M.A. (Oxford), B.C.L. (Oxford). Professor, University of Manitoba, since 1975; assistant professor, University of Birmingham, England, 1974-75; assistant professor, University of Manitoba 1970-74.

Selected Publications
  • Canadian Medical Law: An introduction for Physicians, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals, 4th Edition (Thomson Reuters, 2013) with Philip Osborne & Mary Shariff.
  • “A House Divided: Access to Partition and Sale under the Laws of Ontario and Manitoba” (2011) 35:1 Man. L.J. 217.
  • “Unsettled Estates: Manitoba’s Forgotten Statute and the Chupryk Case” (2011) 35:1 Man. L.J. 49.
  • “The Physician’s Duty in the Age of Cost Containment” (1994) 22:3 Man. L.J. 345.
  • “Chief Justice Dickson and the Evolving Law of Torts” (1991) 20 Man. L.J. 330.

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