Mooting Program


Robson Hall is renowned for its strong advocacy education, which includes several required and optional courses in legal advocacy, as well as a number of mooting opportunities throughout the J.D. program.

J.D. students get their first taste of oral advocacy during the mooting exercise in Legal Methods in first year.  Students also have the opportunity to “Judge Shadow” at the Law Courts in the first year Legal Systems course.  Students observe and learn from a Provincial Court judge and a Court of Queen’s Bench justice.  First year students also volunteer as clerks and witnesses in “Mock Trial” competitions.  By volunteering, students are introduced to pre-trial and courtroom procedure, useful in the second year Advocacy course.  In second and third year, students are offered further opportunities to develop their advocacy skills:

  • The Solomon Greenberg Competition
  • The Western Canada Moot Competition
  • The Sopinka Cup
  • The Laskin Moot
  • The Wilson Moot
  • The Corporate Securities Moot
  • Negotiation Competition
  • The ABA Negotiation Competition
  • The International Competition for Mediation Advocacy

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