Canadian Indigenous Applicant Category

Robson Hall, Faculty of Law believes that Indigenous people including those of Métis, First Nations, and Inuit heritage, should have individual acknowledgement in the admissions process. Our process is designed to facilitate access to legal education and the profession for Indigenous people in Canada.

Category Requirements

Please refer to the Applicant Information Bulletin

1. Personal Statement
A personal statement of 1,500 words maximum. Your statement should clearly highlight your connection to and/or involvement in your Indigenous community.

2. Résumé & Half-Time Questionnaire
A résumé highlighting work, volunteer and education experiences; maximum length is two 8.5×11 pages. Half-Time studies applicants are asked to complete the half-time questionnaire.

3. Recommendation Letters
Three letters are required. Academic references are not required,but strongly encouraged. Letters should support your personal statement, and overall application. A letter from Community Member(s) (e.g. Elder) is also strongly encouraged.

Application Assessment

Applications will be reviewed as a whole in the Canadian Indigenous Applicant category with no weight attached to one specific requirement. AGPA and LSAT score will be considered, however not to the exclusive extent as in the Regular category. Reasons for decisions are not recorded nor given.

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