Faculty Supervisors

Jonathan Black-Branch, Dean
Research areas: Disarmament, Arms Control and Nuclear Non-proliferation.
Karen Busby
Research areas:Human Rights and Equality Law (especially as it is related to gender), Sex, Violence, Reproduction or Sexuality.
Bruce Curran
Research areas: Labour Law, Employment Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Arbitration, Negotiation, and Contract Law.
Michelle Gallant
Research areas: Taxation, Dispute Resolution, International Law, Money Laundering & Terrorist Finance.
Brenda Gunn
Research areas: Indigenous People’s Rights in Domestic & International Law.
DeLloyd J. Guth
Research areas:Modern legal history (Canada, Manitoba), Aboriginal legal history, and medieval legal history (English common law, canon law, Roman law).
Gerald Heckman
Research areas: Public Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Labour Law, International Human Rights Law, Refugee Law.
John Irvine
Research areas: Tort Law, Medical Liability issues.
Richard Jochelson
Research areas: Police Powers, Criminal Law, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Exclusion of Evidence, Search and Seizure, Detention, Rights to Counsel and Silence, Confessions, Due Process, Judicial Decision Making, Jury Work, Surveillance Studies, Sexual Regulation and the Criminal Law, Criminal Speech and Performances, Administration of Justice, Supreme Court Analytics.
Amar Khoday
Research areas: Criminal Law and Procedure, International Criminal and Humanitarian Law, Migration and Refugee Law, Law and Popular Culture, Law and Resistance.
Shauna Labman
Research areas: Refugee Law, Immigration, International Human Rights, Citizenship.
Darcy MacPherson
Research areas: Canadian Corporate Law, Secured Transactions, Agency and Partnerships.
David Milward
Research areas: Criminal Law, Aboriginal Peoples and Criminal Justice, Evidence, Aboriginal Rights.
Adriane Porcin
Research areas: Entertainment Law, Competition Law, E-commerce, Consumer Protection.
Jennifer L. Schulz
Research areas: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Negotiation, Women Mediators, Law & Film, Law & Popular Culture.
Bryan Schwartz
Research areas: Constitutional Law, Charter of Rights, International Law, Legislative Process, Labour-Management Relations, Internet & E-Commerce Law.
Mary J Shariff, Associate Dean - Research & Graduate Studies
Research areas: Bioethics, Biotech and Genetics, Aging and Elder Law, Legal Strategy, Contract and Construction Law, Animal Welfare, Rights and Law
Donn Short
Research areas: Sexuality and Law, Bullying, Safe School Policies, Violence in Schools, Law and Popular Culture.
Virginia Torrie
Research areas: Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Corporate/Commercial Law, Canadian Legal History.
Lorna Turnbull
Research areas: Gender Equality, Economic Equality, Legal Regulation of Mothers, Gender Budgets/Gender-based Analysis, Taxation Law & Policy, Family Law.

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