Featured LL.M. Graduates

Suzanne Bouclin

Suzanne Bouclin is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa.  She earned an LL.M. from the University of Manitoba in 2007.  Her thesis – Caging Women: Punishment, Judgment, Reform and Resistance in Women in Prison Films – was written under the supervision of Professor Anne McGillivray.  She has since earned a doctorate from McGill University and continues to teach and write in law and aesthetics, popular culture, feminist jurisprudence, alternative dispute resolution and critical pedagogy.

Melanie Bueckert

Melanie R. Bueckert, a 2008 graduate of our LL.M. program, recently published The Law of Employee Monitoring in Canada (2009).  Currently Legal Research Counsel with the Manitoba Court of Appeal, her work draws on her LL.M. studies of electronic employee monitoring.  Ms. Bueckert was previously an associate with the Winnipeg law firm Pitblado LLP, practising privacy, labour, and employment law after receiving her call to the Manitoba Bar in 2004. While in private practice, she wrote numerous articles and gave presentations on privacy and employment law matters. Ms. Bueckert is an active member of the National Privacy and Access Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association.  She has been a member of the Sections Executive since 2005 and currently serves as its Treasurer. She joined its Workplace Privacy Committee in 2005 and is the Chair of the Sections Communications Committee.

Dr. Marcel A. Desautels

desautels3Dr. Marcel A. Desautels is widely recognized as a leader and an early visionary thinker in the financial services industry.  In 1959, he received a Bachelor of Laws from Robson Hall and in 1965, he received a Master of Laws from Robson Hall.  He was appointed an Honorary Life member of the Manitoba Law Society in 2000. After a successful private law practice in Winnipeg, he held senior positions in government and industry until 1970, when he became President and General Manager of Creditel of Canada Limited with its Head Office in Toronto.  Under his leadership, Creditel grew into the largest business credit information and debt recovery organization serving some 12,000 companies across Canada.  In 1996, with the proceeds from the sale of Creditel, he established the Canadian Credit Management Foundation, with the purpose of funding innovative new programs at Canadian Universities.  The Foundation’s first $1 million gift to the University of Manitoba was allocated to fellowships in Finance in the I.H. Asper School of Business.  A $5 million gift to the Manitoba Faculty of Law followed to establish the Marcel A. Desautels Centre for Private Enterprise and the Law.  In 2008, Dr. Desautels was appointed to the Order of Canada.

The Honourable Judge Ross Green

hon.greenThe Honourable Judge Ross Green of the Saskatchewan Provincial Court obtained his LL.M. from Robson Hall in 1995.  He conducted original, on-site research into alternate sentencing practices in First Nations communities.  His thesis, “Aboriginal Sentencing and Mediation Initiatives: The Sentencing Circle and Other Community Participation Models in Six Aboriginal Communities”, written under the supervision of Prof. Anne McGillivray, was later published as Justice in Aboriginal Communities: Sentencing Alternatives (Purich, 1998). The work is an important contribution to the understanding of Aboriginal justice, both current and historic, and to later developments in the treatment of Aboriginal offenders. Judge Green is also the author, with Kearney F. Healy, of the highly influential book on youth justice, Tough on Kids: Rethinking Approaches to Youth Justice(Purich, 2003).  This book challenges conventional thinking about youth and crime and shows why “get-tough” approaches are both unworkable and unjust.  Judge Green was appointed Queen’s Counsel by the Saskatchewan Minister of Justice in 2001 and to the Provincial Court in 2004.

Professor & Dean Luke McNamara

Professor Luke McNamara (LLM. Manitoba, 1992) is the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia. While at the University of Manitoba, Dean McNamara’s research dealt with indigenous peoples and the administration of justice. In addition to his full host of administrative duties as Dean, he continues to write in the areas of indigenous peoples, racism, and criminal law.

Dr. Remigius Nwabueze

Dr. Remigius Nwabueze, LLM (Manitoba, 2000) teaches at the University of Southampton, England, United Kingdom. From conflicts of laws to ethics and property rights, Dr. Nwabueze has authored several scholarly works including Biotechnology and the Challenge of Property: Property Rights in Dead Bodies, Body Parts, and Genetic Information (Ashgate: 2007).

Professor Larry Wilson

wilsonProfessor Larry Wilson (LLM. Manitoba 1975) has been a member of the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor for thirty five years where he teaches Criminal Law, Torts, and Labour Law. His published work includesJuvenile Courts in Canada, several chapters in books and articles in most of the leading Canadian law journals including the Manitoba Law Journal.

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