Financial Aid: J.D.

Robson Hall strives to promote accessibility to our program.  Robson Hall has approximately $450,000 in need based financial assistance for distribution to law students.

It is the responsibility of every student to carefully review the numerous programs available to assist in funding their law degree. The Faculty of Law strongly encourages students to consider all options to ensure they receive adequate funding for their studies.

Entrance Awards & Scholarships
Student aid initiative began in 2006 with the inception of Law Entrance Awards. Through the generous contribution of various donors, students receiving an Early Offer of admission are considered. The award amounts range from $2,500 – $5,000.  For more information please click here.

Pitblado Scholars Program
Each student on the Faculty of Law Dean’s Honour List at the end of first and/or second year who continue their legal studies in the next academic year at Robson Hall become a Pitblado Scholar.  Students are presented with a $5,000 scholarship at a formal reception in the fall.  The scholarship is applied to tuition.  The Scholars Program was set up by Jim & Sandra Pitblado in memory of Mr. Pitblado’s father and grandfather.

Robson Hall Bursary Program
The Faculty of Law awards one-third of the tuition surcharge collected back to students in the form of needs-based bursaries. Since the inception of Robson Hall Bursary in 2005, the Faculty of Law has awarded over $1,700,000. The allocations are based on financial need and are distributed in the fall. Students applying for the RH Bursary Program are required to apply for government student loans.

Faculty of Law Emergency Bursaries
Requests are assessed on a case by case basis in the Faculty throughout the school year.

University of Manitoba Awards Database
The Financial Aid & Awards Database includes information on all active, senate-approved, undergraduate and graduate awards administered by the University of Manitoba.

Law Society Forgivable Loans Program
The Law Society will forgive 20% of the loan for each year that the recipient practises in his or her community after being called to the bar. To view more information on the Forgivable Loans program and the Return of Service Agreement, click here

The University of Manitoba Bursary Program
Every year, The University of Manitoba offers a wide-range of bursaries to both new and continuing full and part-time students that have demonstrated financial need. These bursaries range in amount from $100-$1,000.

University of Manitoba Emergency Loans
The University of Manitoba emergency loan program provides short-term assistance to students who experience unexpected and immediate financial expenses or constraints. This includes, but is not limited to, unanticipated personal living costs, and unexpected delays in government loans, and other award funding.

Government Student Loans
Government Student Loans should be a student’s first consideration for funding. There are many potential advantages, such as no payments required, or interest accrued, until after you graduate.

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