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The Manitoba Law Journal (MLJ)is a publication of the Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba located at Robson Hall. The Manitoba Law Journal is returning to its roots. Over 100 years ago, the predecessor to the MLJ began with a mission of providing informative, critical analysis of legal developments in our own community. We have now returned to that mission. To reflect this, the journal has been titled the “Manitoba Law Journal – A Review of Current Legal Developments in Manitoba”. It is issued in conjunction with the “Underneath the Golden Boy” (UTGB) series, edited by Bryan Schwartz. With the revitalized focus, we hope to provide lively, practical and informative commentary on Manitoba developments in areas that include case law, legislation, the administration of justice, and legal practice.

The current editors-in-chief are Professors Darcy MacPherson and Bryan Schwartz. To ensure that the information is timely, the journal will be both on-line and printed. The print version of the new MLJ will be released annually with Underneath the Golden Boy released annually as a special edition of the Manitoba Law Journal. The print copy of both journals will include selected material from the MLJ online and it will be refereed. This means that it will only include material from the MLJ online that has been reviewed by both the editors and outside experts.

Underneath the Golden Boy was inaugurated in 2000 to focus on legislative process, statutory and public policy developments in Manitoba. Over the past twelve years it has covered a wide range of legislative topics and issues. UTGB’s mission is to review legislative and public policy developments in Manitoba and the history of those developments, providing that relevant information to those in the profession that need it.

The Journals are highly dependent on the volunteer contributions of experts in their field. These are drawn from the academic world as well as members of the practicing Bar and the Bench. While most experts will be from within Manitoba, some will be drawn more broadly both from within Canada and internationally. Expressions of willingness to serve as an expert reviewer are always welcome.

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