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The Career Development Office is located in 306A on the 3rd Floor of Robson Hall.

The Career Development Office is dedicated to alerting students to upcoming national events, and to providing job postings for articling, summer and clerkship positions. In addition, we maintain postings for international and volunteer opportunities.

Through our Career Development Office, we offer workshops, seminars and individualized consultations where students can discuss their career goals and obtain guidance on how to achieve them. We provide one-on-one resume and cover letter review, as well as offer mock interviews. In addition, we have held a Career Fairs, Practice Interview/Networking events which allows students to network with local firms as well as various government agencies in a casual setting.

As an additional service for students interested in pursuing careers outside Manitoba, we host on-campus interviews for out-of-province firms.


Register for On-Campus Interviews Today!

On-Campus Interviews will take place at Robson Hall on October 3, 2019.

Registration deadline for employers is September 12, 2019.

Click here to download the registration form and mail with cheques to:

The University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law, 224 Dysart Road, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
Attention: Lisa Griffin, Career Development Office

Please make cheques payable to "The University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law, On-Campus Interviews 2019."

Who We Are
Career Development Coordinator

Lisa Griffin’s background includes working at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax NS in Student Services, supporting and assisting students in Accessibility Services and Career/Counselling Services. Lisa moved to Winnipeg in 2013 and began working at the University Of Manitoba supporting and assisting students in the Counselling and Career Centre. In 2014, Lisa began working at Robson Hall/Faculty of Law in the Career Development Office.

Lisa is a graduate of Dalhousie University and has always been passionate about working with students and providing the ultimate student experience.

You can reach Lisa by email at:  and/or
Telephone: 204. 474.7932

For Students

Job Board
You require a password to access the Job Board. Please email Lisa Griffin to request this information.


Manitoba Articling Student Recruitment Guidelines – 2020-2021





British Columbia

Atlantic Provinces




For Employers

Free job-posting service

The Career Development Office invites your firm to use our free job posting service to advertise student position(s) for summering, articling, clerking, internships, research or similar types of legal employment. We are also happy to advertise associate or other law-related positions to our alumni at no cost.

Let us know about your opportunity

You may supply us with a posting containing the relevant information about the position in a document and send to us via email or fax us at (204) 474-7580.

What to include in a job posting

Brief descriptions of:

  • the job, duties and responsibilities; the number of positions available (if more than one)
  • the employer, practice areas, size of firm/type of organization
  • the firm, details about your firm, i.e. culture, support services, amenities, notable cases/members (or links to where that information can be found on your website)
  • the skills, qualities, and year of study you are looking for in a student (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd year or graduate)

Application procedure

  • where to send, to whom, and how (mail, email or fax)
  • what to include (cover letter, resume, transcripts (official or copy), references, writing sample)
  • the deadline for applications
  • salary
  • benefits (e.g. Friday’s off for CPLED training or fees paid for the CPLED program, or Law Society practicing fees paid, group insurance benefits, health, dental)

Please note that information about your firm and a description of the articling program (if applicable) will be of great interest to students considering whether or not to apply.

Our Process for Advertising Your Opportunity

Job postings are made available to our students and alumni through the following means:

  • Online, through the Robson Hall Career Development Office website
  • Via email to all students in the law school
  • General announcement at the commencement of Career Services Workshops
  • On our weekly Enews

*Please note our students no longer have individual mail boxes.  

Brochures and Other Information

If you wish to make information about your organization available, you could provide us with an information piece(s) or brochure(s) on your firm or organization and we will make it available to students through our Career Services Office.

Other Opportunities

The Career Development Office hosts or works with organizations to host a number of events throughout the year to provide students and organizations with opportunities to meet each other. Your firm can participate in the events of your choice. Typical events include:

Career Fair – This event allows employers and students to network in a casual environment.  In past years, a range of employers participated at the Career Fair, including Federal, Provincial, Government, as well as a variety of law firms from Manitoba and Alberta.

On-Campus Interviews – An On-Campus Interview Reception will be held annually to allow employers from other provinces to get to know Robson Hall students in a relaxed atmosphere. On-Campus interviews will be held annually.

Toronto Firm Tours – Tours will be held annually in Toronto. Contact the Career Development Office if you would like to facilitate Robson Hall at your firm.

Career Workshops – participate as a guest speaker or panelist. You may also facilitate a networking event of your choice (e.g. Wine and Cheese, or Dinner). Contact the Career Development Office if you would like additional information on any of the above events.

See our events calendar for dates

Promotion Across Canada

Other Law Schools

Each Canadian law school has a “Career Development Office”, and each of those offices work collaboratively to ensure Canadian law students have access to job information from other jurisdictions. In that regard, a Career Development Office in another province will often promote jobs from other jurisdictions to their student body upon request.  There are students at law schools outside of Manitoba who wish to come back to Manitoba for work. Accordingly, if you would like your posting to also reach those out-of-province students, our Career Development Office will distribute your opportunity to other law schools on your behalf.

NALP Canada Directory

NALP Canada is an organization that is dedicated to facilitating the professional development of law students and lawyers in Canada, and that works with Canadian law schools across Canada. It has developed a Canadian Directory of Legal Employers (CDLE), which a user-friendly, online searchable directory of Canadian legal employers with summer student, articling and associate positions. You can learn more about the directory by visiting The NALP Canadian Directory of Legal Employers (CDLE), offers an efficient, cost-effective way to tell your organization’s story to law students, lawyers and law schools. The CDLE is freely available to students and job seekers online at – note for firms 10 lawyers or less, there is no cost to register.


The Career Development Office offers workshops between September and April each year with our main focus being your success in obtaining your career goals!

We put on workshops that are important to job success.  Our advice is that you should attend ALL Workshops.

Career Development Office  Year at a Glance Document

Year at a Glance 2017 2018


Monday September 10, 2018:  Information session on working out of province
Tuesday September 11, 2018:  Information session for 2L Students
Tuesday September 18, 2018: Information session for 1L Students
Thursday September 27, 2018: MBA presents Information session on International Law
October 4, 2018:  On Campus Interviews
Wednesday January 9, 2019:  Resume and Cover Letter workshop Resume Cover Letter Presentation
Thursday January 10, 2019:  Communication Workshop
Tuesday January 15, 2019: 1L Information Session on Summer Recruit
Wednesday January 16, 2019: Small Firm Wine and Cheese
Monday February 11, 2019: 3L  CPLED Information Session with Joan Holmstrom and Richard Porcher (during LPPR Class)
Thursday March 7, 2019: Mock Interview/Networking Evening at Robson Hall