Constitutional Law (Gunn)

Constitutional Law (Gunn)
LAW 1460

A general introduction to the constitutional law of Canada with concentration on division of powers, Aboriginal constitutional law and the Charter.

As the class usually has approximately 35 students, a combination of lectures and question and answer teaching methods are used.

A 40% open book examination generally on division of powers will be held during the December examination period; an essay on Aboriginal constitutional law (worth 20%) will be due in January and a final open book examination on the Charter worth 40% will be held during the April examination period.

Students are required to purchase Canadian Constitutional Law (4th ed) (available from the UofM Bookstore or used copies may also be available from other students). A supplement including key constitutional documents will be distributed to students in class. Additional materials will be available on the Angel website as announced in class or by email.

Brenda Gunn