Welcome to Robson Hall

Our programs:

Juris Doctor – J.D.  |  Master of Laws – LL.M. on umanitoba.ca  |  Master of Human Rights – MHR on umanitoba.ca

The Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba, is one of the oldest law schools in Western Canada. As Manitoba’s law school, we offer an exceptional legal education where students experience dynamic and innovative experiential and classroom learning, and receive the highest training in the skills of critical and analytical thinking, advocacy and legal research.

Our students have opportunities to study with accomplished professors whose works are widely published in leading journals, boasting national and international standing, with research clusters focusing on Immigration and Criminal law. Along with endowed research Chairs devoted to Private Enterprise as well as International Business and Trade law, our award-winning professors engage in tri-council-supported research aimed at finding solutions to real problems faced by Canadians today in areas including Indigenous, Family, Health, and Human Rights Law. We also have internationally recognized faculty expertise in Animal law, and Insolvency law.

Since September of 2019, we have been home to Canada’s first interdisciplinary Master of Human Rights Program and will soon be announcing the appointment of the endowed Mauro Chair in Human Rights and Social Justice.

The Faculty of Law is home to several well-known scholarly journals, including the Canadian Journal of Human Rights – Canada’s only journal focusing on Human Rights, the Manitoba Law Journal, and the Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law. Recently we have become home to the Banking and Finance Law Review with a new journal related to private international law in development.

Our students have numerous opportunities to engage beyond the classroom both academically and in practice. We are particularly excited about our externships where selected students may have one term in legal practice in place of regular courses.

Beyond the classroom, the Faculty has an integral connection to members of the legal profession in Winnipeg, around the province and across the country. This connection is instrumental in leading students to experiential learning opportunities in a range of courses and volunteer organizations which are both practice-based and research-informed, including Pro Bono Students of Canada, the L. Kerry Vickar Business Law Clinic, the University of Manitoba Community Law Centre, an expanded Court Clerkship program, the Legal Help Centre, and an extensive mooting program.

At the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Law, we focus our attention on the legal challenges facing society and the modern legal profession, educating leaders who promote social justice and progress through economy and human rights, with emphasis on training members of the legal profession who will serve the public good. We pride ourselves on our Values as a Law School, emphasizing:

  • Excellence
  • Understanding
  • Respect
  • Openness
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Integrity