Access to Justice Blog » Access to Justice Week 2022

The Law Society of Manitoba, the Manitoba Bar Association and the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law are excited to partner together for the third annual National Access to Justice Week which is taking place from October 24 – 28, 2022. All Manitoba events will take place virtually and are free and open to the public. Please register in advance to receive virtual meeting links.


Dispute Resolution at Administrative Tribunals in Manitoba

Monday, October 24 at 12:00 noon CDT: Dispute Resolution at Administrative Tribunals in Manitoba

Hosted by the Manitoba Bar Association (1.5 hours)

This webinar will discuss the use of dispute resolution at administrative tribunals in Manitoba. There will be a focus on the use of mediation at the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, Manitoba Public Insurance Automobile Injury Mediation Office, and Manitoba Labour Board. The connection between administrative law, dispute resolution, and access to justice will be examined.

Speakers: Megan Fultz (Manitoba Human Rights Commission), Karen Sharma (Manitoba Human Rights Commission) Pamela Leech (Manitoba Public Insurance Automobile Injury Mediation Office) & Raymond MacIsaac (Manitoba Labour Board)

Moderator: Kasia Kieloch (Shared Health, Chair of the MBA Alternative Dispute Resolution Section)

People-Centred Data Collection

Tuesday, October 25 at 12:00 noon CDT

Hosted by The Law Society of Manitoba (2.0 hours)

Learn about the results and findings of several recent access to justice data collection projects, including national and provincial studies taking a closer look at the legal needs of Manitobans. What were the main takeaways from these projects, and how will this data inform the work of improving access to justice for all Canadians?

Panelists: Susan McDonald (Justice Canada), Amy Richmond (Prairie Research Associates), Gerard Kennedy (University of Manitoba- Faculty of Law), Heather Fast (University of Manitoba- Natural Resources Institute) & Sarah McCoubrey (CALIBRATE)

Moderator: Allison Fenske (Public Interest Law Centre)

Law Society of Manitoba members in attendance will receive 2 hours of CPD activity, including 2 EPPM hours.

Access to Justice Clinics and Organizations in Manitoba: Where law students assist with the A2J crisis

Wednesday, October 26 at 12:00 noon CDT

Hosted by the University of Manitoba- Faculty of Law (1 hour)

The University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Law welcomes the public to learn more about various Manitoba legal clinics and agencies. All of the participating clinics and agencies work with Faculty of Law students to assist the public with their legal concerns.

Guest speakers: Representatives from the University of Manitoba’s L. Kerry Vickar Business Law Clinic, the University of Manitoba Community Law Centre, the Cochrane Saxberg Indigenous Community Legal Clinic, the University of Manitoba’s Rights Clinic,

the Legal Help Centre of Winnipeg, Inc., Legal Aid Manitoba, the Community Legal Education Association, Infojustice and the Community Unemployed Help Centre

Moderator: Elizabeth McCandless (University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law)

Flat Rates, Unbundling and Coaching: An Overview of Alternative Private Bar Legal Services Provision

Friday, October 28 at 12:00 noon CDT

Hosted by the Manitoba Bar Association (1.5 hours)

Join us as we discuss the evolving ways that lawyers are finding to offer legal services to clients to help balance assistance and costs. Topics will include what types of alternative provisions are allowed in Manitoba, what to look for in providing those services, and how to make sure that there are no misunderstandings with lawyers and with clients when those services are provided.

Panelists: Leah Klassen (Wolseley Law LLP), Darcia Senft (The Law Society of Manitoba)

Moderator: Gerrit Theule (Wolseley Law LLP)