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On September 18th, 2019, almost 50 years to the day after Robson Hall, the Faculty of Law building on the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry Campus was officially opened, nearly 150 alumni, faculty members, students and staff gathered to mark the occasion.

The Manitoba Law School’s physical move from its traditional home in the downtown law courts building on September 15th, 1969 also marked a major step in the “Great Transition” in legal education in Manitoba. By locating the law school on campus amongst other Faculty buildings, it was the hope of law school administrators at the time, that new inter-faculty collaborations would be fostered, leading to an enriching academic environment for law students and faculty members as well as the rest of the academic community. Eye-witness accounts of the early days at Robson Hall are recorded in the Manitoba Law Journal’s special edition volume 39(1), titled The Great Transition in Legal Education.

The downtown Law Courts building was the last home of the Manitoba Law School prior to its final move to Robson Hall.
The downtown Law Courts building was the last home of the Manitoba Law School prior to its final move to Robson Hall.

Robson Hall today.
Robson Hall today. Photo by David Lipnowski Photography.

A major part of the building’s 50th Anniversary celebrations was the opening of a Time Capsule that had been hidden behind Robson Hall’s date stone on the day of the opening ceremony. With great curiosity, alumni, faculty and students had the opportunity to examine the contents upon Dean Jonathan Black-Branch opening the oblong copper box.

Old and new contents.
Old and new contents. Photo by Mike Latschislaw.

Inside was a copy of the long-defunct Winnipeg Tribune from September 15, 1969, a brass doorknob bearing a bison head, taken from the old law courts building, photos of the student body, the academic, administrative and library staff, a document proposing the building’s needs and plans from 1966, an academic calendar of what courses were being taught at the law faculty for the 1969-1970 school year, a booklet commemorating the opening of Robson Hall, and predictions from staff  members of what they thought the world would be like when the time capsule was finally opened.

Brass door knob from the Law Courts Building found in Time Capsule.
Brass door knob from the Law Courts Building found in Time Capsule. Photo by Mike Latschislaw.

After guests had a chance to examine and enjoy the contents, Dean Black-Branch replaced all original items, and added photos of current day faculty, staff and students, plus letters to the future from the current community. By way of offering a toast to the law school’s future success, he added a small bottle of Manitoba-made Crown Royal.

Please take a virtual tour of the original time capsule contents below. A photo gallery of the 2019 Homecoming event is here. Photos by Mike Latschislaw.

List of Time Capsule Contents.

Order of Proceedings, Opening Ceremony, 1969.

Predictions of faculty members and staff.

Preliminary programme for proposed law faculty building 1966.

Law Faculty calendar 1969-1970.

The Winnipeg Tribune Sept. 15, 1969.

Part of First-Year law class (Class of '72).


Part of First-Year law class (Class of '72).




Second Year law class (Class of '71)


Third-year law class (Class of '70).


Academic Staff, 1969-1970. First Row - Left to Right: J. Clarence-Smith, Dean Edwards, M. Master, R. D. Gibson
Second Row - Left to Right
C. Harvey, B. Starkman, E. A. Braid, J. Sharp, A. B. Bass, K. W. Cheung S.S. Hu
G. Dilts, B. Snideman, R. Penner, J. Debicka, G. Nemiroff


Administrative Staff 1969-1970
First Row - Left to Right: Millie Freeman, Mary Carey
Second Row - Left to Right:
Joan Permanand, Carol Magnusson, Mary Harsant, Linda Skoropata


Library Staff 1969-1970: Sitting (left to right): Carol Sharp, Mr. s. Hu, Reta Craven; Standing (left to right): Jennifer Bradford, Linda Toxopeus, Margaret Hay, Joy Chen, Bonnie Gee ; Missing: Judy Head
Library Staff 1969-1970:
Sitting (left to right): Carol Sharp, Mr. S. Hu, Reta Craven; Standing (left to right): Jennifer Bradford, Linda Toxopeus, Margaret Hay, Joy Chen, Bonnie Gee ; Missing: Judy Head

In May 2011, The UM Faculty of Law announced that it would change the name of our law degree from Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) to Juris Doctor (J.D.) after approval of the University of Manitoba Senate. All past recipients of the LL.B. degree designation now have the opportunity to choose to switch their LL.B. to a J.D. degree designation.

Apply for Designation Change

As of January 6, 2012, J.D. parchments for alumni, who request them will be issued following submission of an application.

The application form, for those wishing to make the designation change, can be printed, filled out and returned to the university’s Registrar’s Office with payment of $75 (subject to annual review). You will be issued a new parchment with the Juris Doctor (J.D.) designation.

Your original LL.B. parchment must be returned before a new J.D. parchment can be issued. If your original parchment has been lost/stolen/destroyed/damaged please also complete the Request for Replacement Parchment form. * Please note: this form along with the application should be submitted at the same time. There is only the one-time fee of $70.

Majority Support

The change is the result of significant consultations with Faculty, Students, Alumni and our broader community, and is in line with trends across Canada. The first student vote, in 2009, revealed a strong desire to change the name of our degree. A second student vote, held in 2010, revealed nearly unanimous support. Alumni from various decades were surveyed, and responded positively, with approximately three quarters in favour of the name change.

Why the Change?

The J.D. designation is felt by many to better represent the fact that law degrees in Canada are almost always second degrees. As well, for Canadian law graduates, there is a competitive advantage to the J.D. title, seen more as a professional degree, over the LL.B. title, more likely to be perceived as an undergraduate degree.

Here you can see the Digital Presentation from the 2020 Homecoming. The video of the event is visible below.

Some of the greatest minds in Canadian legal history have passed through the doors of the Manitoba Law School, known today as the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law. Many quietly went about the business of defending human rights, fighting for equality and freedom from oppression. The legal community holds their memories dear and celebrates their contributions to helping others. We wish to pay tribute to Manitoba Law School and Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba Alumni who have gone before us, leaving incredible legacies for us to remember and strive to do them proud.

Please let us know by email of any errors, omissions or updates to these lists.

*indicates a former professor of the Faculty of Law

Norman M. Tatelman BA/53, LLB/57 Jan. 12
Holman K. Olson BA/50, LLB/54, LLM/58 Feb. 15
Adelina Willems AMM/59, LLM/72 Feb. 28
Paul G. Sully BA/64, LLB/67 Mar. 8
John F. Funnell LLB/50 Mar. 22
J. Kenneth Beatty LLB/54 May 4
John Loring Sinclair BA/61, LLB/65 May 11
Thomas A. Bunn BA/70, LLB/75 May 20
Harry Charles Peters LLB/77 April 23
Darius Maharaj Hunter BA/2018, JD/2021 Aug. 11
Colleen McDuff BA/90, LLB/93 Aug. 25
George W. Hately LLB/54 Jan. 9
Ronald D. Bell BA/51, LLB/55 Jan. 13
William D. “Bill” Hamilton LLB/72 Jan. 13
Marlo J. (Durston) Jurkowski LLB/04 Jan. 17
Raymond P. Oakes BA/80, LLB/83 Jan. 24
Garnet O. de Lucia LLB/49 Feb. 12
E. Arthur “Art” Braid LLB/60 Feb. 27
Robin M. Kersey LLB/79 Feb. 27
Peter W. Hogg LLB/86 Mar. 16
Edward J. Sapiano LLB/91 Mar. 21
Dennis H. Ringstrom BA/58, LLB/66 Mar. 30
Eric W. “Bill” Olson BA/66, LLB/70 Apr. 7
Guy J. Kroft BA/55, LLB/59 Apr. 15
David P. Negus LLB/94 Apr. 26
Gilbert D. Clifford BSc (ME)/70, LLB/74 Apr. 27
R. Philip M. North BSc/66, LLB/71 Apr. 30
Michael J. Law BA/89, LLB/92 May 3
Robert W. MacNeil LLB/74 May 8
Donald A. Fiorvento LLB/08 May 9
Lawrence R. “Larry” Crane LLB/67 Jun. 30
Abraham L. “Abe” Simkin LLB/46 Jul. 22
Gordon E. Hannon LLB/84 Aug. 16
Martin S. Zimmerman BA/66, LLB/69 Aug. 17
Arthur M. Werier BA/60, LLB/65 Aug. 21
Kristopher G. Jordan LLB/02 Sep. 1
Ursula B. (Hassett) Goeres LLB/76 Sep. 11
Edward D. “Ned” Brown BA/64, LLB/67 Sep. 15
F. Alexander Jackson LLB/87 Oct. 1
Jerrold L. Gunn LLB/62 Oct. 9
John J. Enns BA/52, LLB/57 Oct. 19
Nestor A. “Alex” (Kripiakevich) Kripp BA/56, LLB/60 Oct. 26, 2020
Robert “Bob” Hucal LLB/62 Oct. 30, 2020
Laureen A. Y-W Lu LLB/91 Oct. 31, 2020
Ross A. Johnston BA/52, LLB/56 Oct. 31, 2020
Herbert E. Suderman BA/65, LLB/72 Nov. 3, 2020
Conrad L. Wyrzykowski BA/50, LLB/54 Nov. 7, 2020
Sydney Cohan LLB/56 Nov. 7, 2020
Michael Skwark BA/53, LLB/58 Nov. 9, 2020
Jean R. Allard BA/63, LLB/79 Dec. 2, 2020
James M. Simpson LLB/51 Dec. 7, 2020
Richard C. “Rick” Dixon BA/67, LLB/69 Dec. 14, 2020
Trang Thi Li JD/15 Dec. 16, 2020
Donna A. Brownridge LLB/93 Dec. 18, 2020
William Parker Fillmore B/71, LLB/74 Dec. 27, 2020
Michael E. Martin LLB/51 Jan. 13
Duncan E. Geisler LLB/78 Jan. 18
R. Ken Halprin LLB/50 Feb. 11
Roger J. Hansell BA/50, LLB/54 Feb. 13
Gordon B. McTavish LLB/60 Feb. 21
Manly S. Rusen LLB/55 Feb. 24
Donovan A. McCarthy LLB/50 Feb. 28
Ronald L. Olesky LLB/76 Mar. 15
Allison T. Peters BA(Hons)/80, LLB/87 Mar. 18
C.W. "Cy Buckingham LLB/48 Mar. 20
Thomas A. Goulding BA/48, LLB/52 Apr. 13
Lynn T. Cook-Stanhope BA/69, LLB/72 Apr. 14
Michael E.J. Phelps BA/67, LLB/70 Apr. 20
Robert D. "Bob" McDonald BA/67, LLB/70 May 15
M. Neil Chernick BA/61, LLB/65 June 4
Howard C.G. Pitts LLB/85 July 25
Donald M. Little LLB/81 Aug. 4
Joseph F.L. Sherwood BA(Lat Ph)/57, LLB/62 Aug. 11
L. James "Jim" Thornborough BA/69, LLB/73 Aug. 15
Edward J. Finch BA/48, LLB/51 Sept. 14
William R. "Bill" Martin BA/53, LLB/54 Oct. 5
Nathan “Nate” Nurgitz  LLB/58 Oct. 19
Paul A. Smith  BA/80, LLB/84 Nov. 2
Grant W. Davis  BA/99, LLB/04 Nov. 17
James B. Fraser  BA/63, LLB/67 Nov. 17
Donald C. Brock  LLB/56 Dec. 30
Alan A. Adams LLB/47 Jan. 15
Andrew B. Mazor BA/54, LLB/58 Feb. 3
Harvey C. Korman LLB/71 Mar. 3
Walter L. Karlicki BA/55, LLB/59 Mar. 8
James A. Horne BA/69, LLB/72 Mar. 16
Gregory J. Welch LLB/73 Mar. 19
Morton A. Slusky BA/48, LLB/51 Mar. 23
Valdyn J. (Anderson) Duke LLB/79 Mar. 26
Douglas D. Everett LLB/51, LLD/2017 Mar. 27
Thomas G. Hague BA/69, LLB/73 Mar. 28
Saul M. Cherniack LLB/39 Mar. 30
Jack P. Drapack BA/62, LLB/69 Apr. 4
Helen I. Blonski LLB/85 Apr. 5
Vern Simonsen LLB/59 Apr. 8
Calla-Ann T. Coughlan LLB/08 Apr. 12
Alvin S. Corne LLB/55 Apr. 15
Alvin E. Breitman BA/60, LLB/64 Apr. 18
Mark R.T. Adkins LLB/99 May 11
Hon. Gordon J. Barkman LLB/51 May 14
Hon. Robyn (Moglove) Diamond LLB/75 May 29
* Roland Penner BA/49, LLB/61 May 31
Charles O. "Chuck" Meighen BA/64, LLB/67 June 2
Randolph B. McNicol LLB/73 June 8
Carol A. Dutcheshen BFA/62, LLB/86 June 24
John C. Karlsson LLB/02 June 24
John L. Carpenter LLB/50 June 27
Philip L. Ashdown BA/48, LLB/52 June 28
Robert S. "Bob" McKenzie BA/59, LLB/63 July 25
Morse M. Silden (Morris Silverman) BComm/54, LLB/67 Sept. 20
David R. Birchard BA/67, LLB/67 Sept. 22
A. Lionel "Len" Weinberg BA/56, LLB/60 Sept. 24
Daniel P. Orlikow BA/82, LLB/86 Sept. 26
Kenneth J. Tyler LLB/84 Sept. 28
Wallace L. Benkendorf BA/58, LLB/64 Oct. 11
Terrance B. Kumka JD/77 Oct. 30
Peter S. Morse LLB/52 Nov. 15
Glenn R. Eisbrenner BSc/64, LLB/71 Dec. 8
David H. Jones LLB/48 Dec. 14
Leslie M. Diamond BA/49, LLB/52 Dec. 27
Shirley P. "Clare" (Howard) Haskin BA/49, LLM/53 Dec. 30
Christopher A. Brock BA/81, LLB/84 Jan. 8
Charles A. Evans LLB/56 Jan. 23
Hon. Daniel P. Kennedy BA/63, LLB/65 Jan. 28
Hon. Wallace M. Darichuk LLB/60 Jan. 29
F. Ann (Warbanski) Bailey LLB/77 Feb. 13
John P. Wolfe LLB/54 Feb. 26
Anthony P. Pittarelli BA/53, LLB/63 Mar. 10
Darren M. Sawchuk BA/86, LLB/89 Mar. 18
* A. Burton “Burtie” Bass LLB/57 Mar. 29
Hon. Armand Dureault BA (LatPh)/49, LLB/53 Apr. 16
* Norman G. Larsen BA/56, CertEd/65, LLB/68 Apr. 26
Hon. Daniel C. Abbott BA/58, LLB/62 May 14
* Michael M. Park May 17
William “Billy” Abrams BA/50, LLB/54 May 25
Alexander Brown BSc/58, LLB/62 May
Aaron L. Berg LLB/76 June 1
Hershel E. Wolch BComm/62, LLB/65 July 17
David C. Golub BA/71, LLB/74 Aug. 4
Hon. William “Bill” Blakeman Scarth LLB/61, LLM/70 Aug. 9
Hartley P. Gale LLB/55 Aug. 14
Philip A. Heiland BA/52, LLB/56 Aug. 15
Gerard J. Roozendaal LLB/61 Aug. 25
Thomas H. Scott LLB/57 Sept. 9
Mario Joseph Albert Perreault BA/58, LLB/62 Sept. 11
Allen W. Yost BSc/68, LLB/81 Sept. 13
Brian H. Forrest BA/70, LLB/73 Sept. 19
James W. Potter BSc/61, LLB/65 Sept. 22
Fermie S. Wilder LLB/80 Oct. 2
Andrew P. Kelly LLB/88 Nov. 1
Douglas W. Buhr BA/71, LLB/74 Nov. 20
Eric B. Irwin LLB/79 Nov. 24
Randall W. Callan BA/74, LLB/82 Nov. 26
Hon. Benjamin Hewak BA/56, LLB/60, LLD/03 Dec. 21
Alan J. Ross LLB/78 Jan. 12
George J. Federsel LLB/75 Jan. 31
John S. Lamont, Q.C. BA/49, LLB/52 Feb. 17
Hon. Kristjan F. Stefanson BA/66, LLB/69 Mar. 2
Walter “Oleh” Romaniw, Q.C. BA/66, LLB/69 Mar. 7
Ronald Friesen BA/61, BSW/63, MSW/64, LLB/78 Mar. 14
Robert A. “Bob” Mayer, Q.C. BA/66, LLB/69 Apr. 5
George Funk BA/74, LLB/77 Apr. 23
Robert D. “Bob” Watson MA/76, LLB/82 May 3
Sidney N. Lachter LLB/64 May 12
Anatole “Tony” Stratychuk LLB/54 May 13
Norman A. Cuddy BA/71, LLB/74 June 6
David M. Sanders BA/67, MA/87, LLB/98 June 12
Sam Steel LLB/70 June 23
Keith I.M. Heming, Q.C. LLB/76 July 5
Hon. Raymond H. Harris LLB/56 July 15
Robert C. Cullen BA/52, LLB/56 Aug. 1
Robert W. McMechan BA/72, LLB/77 Aug. 7
Brian G.J. McCombe BA/56, LLB/61 Aug. 15
James F.C. Rose BComm (Hons)/74, LLB/78 Sept. 21
David B. Kovnats LLB/76 Sept. 24
Aubrey M. Rusen LLB/58 Oct. 6
Frank L. Cvitkovitch BA/57, LLB/61 Oct. 24
Douglas C. Calder LLB/51 Nov.
John L. Vergin BSc (EE)/44, LLB/53 Nov. 3
Marley S. Dash BA/74, LLB/78 Nov. 4
A. Rolph Huband BComm/51, LLB/55 Nov. 20
Richard N. Samson BA/48, LLB/52 Dec. 9
Stanley M. Swiderski LLB/54 Dec. 12
William G. Ryall BA/63, LLB/67 Dec. 20
Lowell M. Harvey LLB/87 Dec. 24
Donna M. Thompson LLB/87 Jan. 1
Dennis J. Gibbs BA/58, LLB/62 Jan. 29
George S. “Stan” Farwell BA/52, LLB/56 Feb. 5
Alexander A. Sarchuk BA/51, LLB/56 Feb. 18
Mary J. Beehler LLB/76, CA/87 Feb. 19
Morley R. Gorsky BA/49, LLB/53 Feb. 23
Roy B. Dunlop BA/52, LLB/56 Mar. 25
Donna M. Nilson LLB/90 Apr. 6
William C. “Bill” Irish BA/46, LLB/50 Apr. 27
Saul B. “Shelly” Zitzerman BA/56, LLB/60 May 12
David I. “Ian” MacLeod LLB/87 May 13
Ross A.L. Nugent LLB/48, LLM/56 May 30
Henry N. Carroll BA/59, LLB/64 June 19
Grant V.J. Einarson LLB/71 July 2
D. Neil McTavish LLB/68 July 7
Daniel G. “Donald” Wozniak BA/52, LLB/56 July 31
Darryl J. Barber LLB/76 Aug. 3
John N.C. Campbell LLB/85 Aug. 12
Sam Minuk LLB/55 Aug. 13
Stewart A. McCrae LLB/53 Sept. 2
Charles P. Degutis LLB/89 Sept. 14
G.A. James Henderson BA/67, LLB/70 Oct. 5
Neil G. MacKay BA/57, LLB/57 Oct. 20
Jacob L. “Cobber” Henteleff LLB/79 Oct. 21
Wilfred R. DeGraves BA/50, LLB/54 Oct. 23
Sidney G. Segal BA/73, LLB/76 Nov. 4
Peter L. Freeman BA/58, LLB/62 Nov. 18
Bernard S.M. Toni BA/64, LLB/67 Nov. 25
J.F. Reeh Taylor LLB/51 Dec. 2
Jeffrey T. Dodgson LLB/95 Dec. 11
Donald W. Reid LLB/48 Dec. 20
Howard R. Pawley BA/57, LLB/61 Dec. 30
Florence Rosenfeld LLB/45 Jan. 14
Dr. A. Lorne Campbell LLB/47, LLD/77 Jan. 15
Oscar B. Grubert LLB/54 Feb. 11
Judge Robert Lionel Kopstein BA/55, LLB/58 Feb. 28
G. Jack Harris BA/70, LLB/73 March 12
Reginald L.S. Follett LLB/53 March 27
Donna E. Matthews (Dallinger) BA/74, LLB/77, BEd/93 May 2
Leo V. Teillet BA (LatPh)/71, LLB/75 May 9
Percy R. Stapley BA/47, LLB/51 June 3
David Alan Guttman BA/82, LLB/85 July 12
Donald B. Bridge BA/51, LLB/55 July 18
Hon. A.C. Hamilton LLB/50 July 25
Elizabeth A. Thomson BA/80, LLB/83 Aug. 13
Earl L. Parker LLB/75 Sept. 7
Douglas K. Munro, Maj (ret) LLB/81 Sept.16
Daniel J. Krindle BA/61, LLB/65 Sept. 20
Donald Arni Flatt BA/64, BEd/67, MA/73, LLB/80 Oct. 4
Patrick Randolph O’Laney BA/93, LLB/96 Oct. 4
Robert J. Tropak BSW/75, LLB/91 Oct. 9
William M. Simms BA/52, LLB/56 Oct. 14
John E.N. (Jack) Wilson LLB/50 Oct. 16
Irvin Harvey Slusky LLB/52 Oct. 22
Kenneth A. Filkow BA/62, LLB/66 Oct. 27
Myfanwy Elizabeth Bowman BA/91, LLB/98 Nov. 3
Eli Potkonjak BA/67, LLB/72 Nov. 23
Neil G. MacPhee LLB/50 Dec. 18
Frank J. Baker BA/67, LLB/73 Dec. 29
Ernest G. Johnson LLB/51 Dec. 30
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