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Written by Guy Jourdain LES TRIBUNAUX JUDICIAIRES MANITOBAINS INNOVENT POUR MIEUX SOULIGNER LA VALEUR ÉGALE DES VERSIONS FRANÇAISE ET ANGLAISE DES TEXTES LÉGISLATIFS BILINGUES Les tribunaux judiciaires du Manitoba ont récemment adopté des mesures exigeant que les mémoires et les cahiers déposés par les parties à une instance présentent àRead More →

Written by Mary Troszko, Executive Director of Community Legal Education Association Our Winter Webinar Series will be starting in February. We have also arranged a presentation on Wills in partnership with the Winnipeg Public Library. The other topics are: Technology Assisted Violence and Teen Dating, Employment Law, and Copyright Law.Read More →

Written by the Clinique Juridique Franco-Justice (CJFJ):   Black History Conference- Reckoning with Racism   For this year’s Black History Month, the CJFJ will host a conference on February 15, 2023 at 5:30 pm CT with Professor Constance Blackhouse.      The views and opinions expressed in the blogs areRead More →

Written by Natasha Brown The National Action Committee on  Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters has finalized its 2022 Survey on access to justice in Canada. New projects or initiatives that happened in 2022 will be tracked according to each of the Justice Development Goals. Anyone advancing A2J in Canada isRead More →

The most commonly discussed barrier to access to justice in Canada is the unaffordability of the legal system. It is well documented that many Canadians will not contact a legal professional when faced with a legal problem and are thus unable to benefit from specific legal expertise.[1] The recently passed Bill 24 in Manitoba authorizes The Law Society of Manitoba (LSM) to create another category of legal services provider, namely a “limited practitioner”, to provide legal services within a defined scope with a view to increasing the availability of affordable legal services.Read More →