DeLloyd J. Guth Legal History Lecture Series

The DeLloyd J. Guth Legal History Lecture Series brings scholars and distinguished individuals to the Faculty of Law to speak on a wide variety of topics in legal history. The lecture series was founded by Professor DeLloyd J. Guth in 2010, and has hosted lecturers of national and international renown. The text of the lectures are traditionally published in the Manitoba Law Journal. Please visit our Robson Hall Youtube Channel to view past lectures.

  • 1st Annual – October 28, 2010: The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C., “Louis Riel: Patriot Rebel
  • 2nd Annual – March 8, 2012: Prof. James Oldham, Georgetown Law, Georgetown University: “Habeas Corpus Legal History and Guantanamo Bay
  • 3rd Annual – February 2, 2013: Prof. Philip Girard, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University: “Writing Canadian Legal History: Origins”
  • 4th Annual – November 7, 2013: Tom Berger Q.C.: “The Manitoba Metis Decision and the uses of History
  • 5th Annual – February 5, 2015: Prof. Catherine E. Bell, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta: “A New Era for Metis Constitutional Rights? Issues of Theory and Practice”
  • 6th Annual – September 17, 2015: Prof. Charles Donahue, Harvard Law School, Harvard University: “The Modern Law of both Tort and Contract Began in the Mid-Fourteenth Century”
  • 7th Annual – November 17, 2016: Prof. Richard Helmholz, University of Chicago Law School, University of Chicago: “Statutory Interpretation in Medieval Law”
  • 8th Annual – November 16, 2017: Prof. Emerita Donna Andrew, Department of History, University of Guelph: “Duelling and the Law in Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • 9th Annual – March 8, 2018: Prof. Emeritus Hamar Foster, Q.C, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria: “Emily Carr’s Klee Wyck, Indigenous Activism & the Law on British Columbia’s Northwest Coast, 1906 – 1928”
  • 10th Annual – February 28, 2019: Prof. Emeritus, John P.S. McLaren, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria: “Lawyers in the ‘Slammer’ and in Hiding: The Price of Advocating for Unpopular Causes at the British Columbia Bar, 1900-1940”
  • 11th Annual – October 3, 2019: Prof. Seth Rockman, Department of History, Brown University: “New England Merchants and Manufacturers’ Property Rights in Southern Slaves via Credit/Debt”
  • 12th Annual – March 2, 2021: Prof. Nicole O’Byrne, Faculty of Law, University of New Brunswick: “The Constitutional Responsibility for Metis Scrip
  • 13th Annual – February 10, 2022: Dr. Barrington Walker, Department of History at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario: “Inchoate Citizens: Black Canadians, Law and the Racial State
  • 14th Annual – October 13, 2022: Distinguished University Professor Constance Backhouse, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa: “Reckoning with Racism: Disturbing Evidence of Police and Judicial Discrimination in Canada’s RDS Case”