Distinguished Visitors Lecture Series presents: Dr. Helen Duffy (Leiden University)

February 1, 2022 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Gerard Kennedy

The Distinguished Visitors Lecture Series is pleased to welcome Dr. Helen Duffy of Leiden University, Professor of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.

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Dr. Duffy will speak on “The War on Terror: Past, Present and Future…”


The lecture will reflect on 20 years of the ‘war on terror’, key characteristics and implications for human rights and rule of law, and prospects for the future.  Through her legal practice (Human Rights in Practice) Prof. Helen Duffy has litigated cases involving violations of human rights in the name of countering terrorism in diverse contexts and across regional and international human systems, and the lecture will illustrate the issues raised by reference to concrete cases and emerging challenges in practice.

About Dr. Helen Duffy

photo of Professor Helen Duffy
Dr. Helen Duffy, University of Leiden

Dr. Helen Duffy  is a Professor of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at the University of Leiden and runs ‘Human Rights in Practice,’ a legal practice specializing in international strategic human rights litigation.

Helen has brought ground-breaking cases in the European, African, Interamerican and UN systems and intervened in national cases in multiple jurisdictions. Before setting up her practice, she worked for leading NGOs (Legal Director/INTERIGHTS; Counsel/Human Rights Watch; Legal Director/Centro para Accion Legal en Derechos Humanos Guatemala), the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Lord Justice Scott’s Iraq Inquiry in the UK and the UK Govt. legal service.

Helen has a PHD from the University of Leiden, LLM from University College London and a law degree from the University of Glasgow. She is honorary/visiting professor at Glasgow, Melbourne and American universities and is on the board of several NGOs.

Her books include “The ‘War on Terror’ and the Framework of International law (CUP, 2nd ed. 2015), ‘Strategic Human Rights Litigation: Understanding and Maximising Impact’ (Hart, 2018) and Law Applicable to Armed Conflict (with Bohrer and Dill, CUP 2020).