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Dr. Bryan Schwartz

Professor; Asper Chair of International Business and Trade Law


Professor, University of Manitoba.

LL.B. (Queen’s) 1978, LL.M. (Yale) 1978, J.S.D. (Yale) 1986. Professor, University of Manitoba since 1987; Associate Professor, University of Manitoba, 1984-87; Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba, 1981-84. Chair, Constitutional Law Section, Canadian Bar Assoc. 1987-89. Ontario Bar (1981), Manitoba Bar (1984). Chair, Legal Research Institute, University of Manitoba, 1987 -present.

Academic Achievement
  • Barney Sneiderman Award for Teaching Excellence (2015)
  • Rh Institute Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Humanities, 1989.
  • Constitutional Law
  • Charter of Rights
  • International Law
  • Legislative Process
  • Labour-Management Relations
  • Internet & E-Commerce Law
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  • Revitalizing Manitoba: From supplicant society to diversity and dynamism (Frontier Centre for Public Policy, 2011)
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  • various other periodical articles