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In Canada, scholarly research is disseminated through a variety of complex channels and modes which include researchers, publishers, libraries and organizations from the private and public sectors. “Scholarly communication” is frequently the first level of research dissemination and is becoming an increasingly popular mode of global dissemination, improving accessibility to scholarly work and archiving along the way.

Scholarly Communication Tools

The Robson Hall BePress Site and the Social Science Research Network SSRN site are incredibly valuable tools for global scholarly communication.  You will need to create account profiles for each of these sites and you need to keep potential copyright issues in mind. Professor Donn Short is available to provide additional information and assistance to get you set up.

  • BePress: Run by Berkeley Electronic Press. Bepress Selected Works provides a simple to use webpage template that allows you to profile and disseminate your scholarly work.  You can upload papers, create links or simply profile your work. You can customize the page and organize your work by subject or publication type and you can keep track of the number of downloads of your work through monthly, weekly and daily reports. Highly recommended.
  • SSRN: Another very popular open access database which allows you to upload/archive your scholarly work for download. Also provides simple download reports. Highly recommended.

Internal Funding, Deadlines & Forms

To encourage the development of research, the university offers a number of research support programs.  These programs are administered on behalf of the university by the Office of Research Services.

Programs include:

  • University Research Grants Program (URGP)
  • UM/SSHRC Research Grants Program (UM/SSHRC RGP)
  • UM/SSHRC International Conference Travel Grants Program (UM/SSHRC TGP)
  • Samuel Weiner Distinguished Visitor Award
  • Leave Research Grant
  • Self-funded Research Grant Program

For further descriptions, deadlines and applications, click here .

External Funding


Institutional Programs

Guiding Documents

Manitoba Funding Opportunities

  • Manitoba Health Research Council (MHRC)
  • Manitoba Medical Services Foundation (MMSF)

International Funding Opportunities

National Institutes of Health  (NIH)

For additional details and opportunities click here.


CommunicationsCommunications Resources

The role of Communications at Robson Hall is to assist with marketing and communications activities that reach out to the community, and share our story.  Communications ensures that a consistent brand image is maintained, to increase awareness and elevate the reputation of Robson Hall.

Publications & Advertising
– Design and layout of various publications for distribution in print and on the web.  The coordination of print, delivery and placement.

Web Postings
– News & Events, maintenance and updates.

Web Development
– The creation of new web pages on the Robson Hall site, or the creation of new web components for the Robson Hall site.

Media Releases
– The creation and distribution of Media releases to different media outlets.

Electronic Display Boards
– The creation of News & Event items for the electronic display boards in the hallways.

– Scheduling, printing, gifts,  digital files, and web uploads.

Promotional Items
– The creation and ordering of various promotional items and gifts.

Robson Hall Logos

Robson Hall Traditional Letterhead

Robson Hall PowerPoint Template

Additional University of Manitoba Resources

University of Manitoba Marketing and Communications website – (additional resources such as: the University of Manitoba visual identity guidelines, logo, video and podcasts, and templates)

Telecommunications Services and Voicemail – (telephone instructions)

UMDirectory (although the directory is available online, you may want to download this application for Windows and Mac, and get quick access to the U of M Staff Telephone Directory right from your desktop. The application provides you with an electronic copy of the yearly U of M Phone Directory, a greener alternative to paper.)

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