Juris Doctor program resources

The Faculty of Law works hard to ensure students have all the information they need to navigate their way through law school. From Orientation to Exams, applying for scholarships and bursaries, earning top marks or needing guidance with studying and personal matters, the Associate Dean (JD) and staff are there to help students get through. The following resources are designed to assist current students to navigate their time in law school.

Professional Development and Career Services

Career services provides students with guidance and resources to navigate the legal job market, connect with potential employers, and develop crucial networking skills. It plays a pivotal role in helping law students explore various career paths, secure internships or clerkships, and ultimately launch successful legal careers upon graduation.

Orientation Week

Welcome to Robson Hall. This page includes a welcome letter from the Dean, the MLSA and MILSA. It also contains information about the orientation schedule, the Robson Hall Buddy Program, the Bilingual program, exam information, a notice to students about sharing contact information, and the student email policy. It contains links to other parts of the University that current students will find helpful, including Student Accessibility Services, Financial Aid, awards and bursaries, the Manitoba Law Society, the Manitoba Bar Association, the MLSA website and a YouTube video featuring the Honourable Murray Sinclair discussing how to be a good lawyer.

Exam Information

Exam Information provides information for students seeking clarity on exam procedures and grading policies. This page contains exam schedules, exam regulations and policies, useful links, exam statistics and a link to ADJD forms.

Registration and Timetables

Timetables provide a comprehensive schedule of classes to help law students plan their academic activities efficiently. This page contains the fall and winter schedules for the Juris Doctor program.

Course Descriptions

The office of the ADJD maintains a directory of over 150 law courses that have been taught at the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law. This resource allows students to search by course title, course number and category to learn more about the current and historical offerings available to law students. Entries include: teaching method, assessment, course materials, instructor and a description of the course.

Update to JD program Policies and Procedures

The following page contains the updated policies and procedures for the Juris Doctor program as a pdf. These updates will become effective on September 1st, 2023.