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Self-Declaration for Brief and Temporary Student Absences

This policy applies to students dealing with situations that require an absence for up to 72 hours. Examples include: brief absence due to illness (e.g. Covid, the flu, etc.), compassionate/personal needs, religious observances, bereavement, and participation in approved academic or athletic events.

The self-declaration form cannot be used for planned absences like vacations. It is also not to be used for longer-term absences or ongoing circumstances like Authorized Withdrawals, Leaves of Absence, or disability-related accommodations, which will still require additional documentation.

Beginning September 6, 2022, if you have a situation that will require a brief absence from class when you have a deliverable (e.g. presentation, role play, group work, etc.) you must fill out the self-declaration form. This is the self-declaration form and submit it to AssociateDeanJD@umanitoba.ca

Students will still be required to obtain notes from classmates and complete missed work, but they will no longer have to spend time obtaining documentation. Instead, students should focus their efforts on the work they have missed.

If you are enrolled in a mandatory attendance class, you will need to send your self-declaration form for your brief absence directly to your instructor.  Submit one form per mandatory course. Clearly indicate which course you are requesting the temporary absence for. This is the self-declaration form

UM and the Faculty of Law trust that students will complete the form in good faith. False declarations are considered a breach of academic integrity and can result in discipline.

Request for an excused absence – Non SAS requests: This form is intended for situations beyond the self-declaration for brief and temporary student absences.

Application for Deferral or Extension – Non SAS requests: This form is for a single deferral or extension. If you have multiple requests, please fill out this form for each request. Deferrals are for examinations/tests. Extensions are for assignments/papers. If your inquiry is related to an SAS accommodation, please contact your advisor.

Law Student Code of Conduct: This is form for the Law Student Code of Conduct.

Warranty and Undertaking: (not currently active) This form must be completed in advance of final exams and will be kept on file with the Associate Dean J.D. office. Students will not be permitted to write any exam until this task is completed.

Final Exam Viewing Form: This form is for a request to view a final exam.