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The University of Manitoba is the largest, most comprehensive, and only research-intensive post-secondary educational institution in Manitoba. The University was established in 1877, and as such, it is the oldest university in Western Canada, located in Winnipeg, the heart of Canada.

As the oldest University in Western Canada, we have a long and proud tradition of achievement and innovation in research.  Building on this tradition of scholarly excellence, Robson Hall Law School, the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba, was established in 1914.  We are a vibrant research community.  Faculty members’ research is well-respected and published internationally, nationally, and locally.  Robson Hall research contributes greatly to the advancement of legal and socio-legal knowledge and the development of public policy across Canada and the globe.  For our most recent research report, please see the Robson Hall Alumni Report – April 2014.

Robson Hall supports innovative research:

The Marcel A. Desautels Centre for Private Enterprise and the Law

The mandate of The Marcel A. Desautels Centre for Private Enterprise and the Law is to integrate the disciplines of law, business and the humanities as they apply to family-controlled and other private enterprises, the principal foundation of all economic activity in Canada. The focus on private enterprise, rather than public corporations, and a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding business people, as well as their businesses, makes the Centre unique for a Canadian law school.

Through the Centre’s academic programs, students are trained, develop the necessary skills, and acquire relevant perspectives to address, in a holistic manner, issues faced by these enterprises and their owners at all stages of the private business life cycle, from conception through growth and development, to maturity, succession and disposition. The Centre also promotes research in these multi-faceted and complex issues, provides service to the business community though the L. Kerry Vickar Business Law Clinic, supports specialized graduate education, and serves as a resource to members of the legal profession.

The Centre for Human Rights Research (CHRR)
Karen Busby, Director

The Centre for Human Rights Research (CHRR) was established in 2012 to bring together people and organizations – both within and outside the University of Manitoba – to enhance interdisciplinary and collaborative research capacity, create richer training opportunities for students, and facilitate the fusion of research-driven knowledge, public policy and intellectual debate on issues related to human rights and social justice. The centre aims to facilitate research that is both academically rigorous and accessible to the public.
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Water Rights Research
Visit the link above for information about some of the research being done in relation to drinking water and sanitation as a human right.

The Legal Research Institute
Dr. Donn Short, Director

The Legal Research Institute of the University of Manitoba came into existence by joint action of the Law Faculty Council and the University Senate and Board of Governors in the spring of 1968. The Legal Research Institute (LRI) was created upon the recommendation of a special committee which included members representing the Faculty of Law, the Government of Manitoba, and the Law Society of Manitoba.
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The Asper Chair
Bryan Schwartz, Director

In 1999, the Faculty of Law established the Asper Chair of International Business and Trade Law. The Asper Chair sponsors a variety of research including bi-annual academic conferences in international business and trade law. An internship program allows up to four students a year to work with the Asper Chair and creates opportunities for students to advance their education, while gaining skills necessary to pursue careers in law or business with an international focus. Additionally, students involved in the Asper program have the opportunity to participate in international commercial dispute resolution competitions.
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Learn more about our Visiting Scholars Program that brings scholars from around the world to enrich our research community.

The following peer-reviewed journals are published out of Robson Hall and/or are edited by our faculty members:

We also offer a thesis-based, research-intensive LL.M. Program which attracts students from across Canada and around the world.

For more information about the exciting research activities and opportunities at Robson Hall Law School, please contact:

Dr. Donn Short
Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Studies)
Executive Director, Legal Research Institute
(204) 474-9776

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