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The Legal Research Institute of the University of Manitoba came into existence by joint action of the Law Faculty Council and the University Senate and Board of Governors in the spring of 1968. The Legal Research Institute (LRI) was created upon the recommendation of a special committee which included members representing the Faculty of Law, the Government of Manitoba, and the Law Society of Manitoba.

The LRI was created as a vehicle within the Faculty of Law to aid in the scholarly mission of the University to create, preserve, and communicate knowledge. While the LRI’s home is the Faculty of Law, it is also an organization with a mandate to serve all scholars engaged in legal research at the University.  The Legal Research Institute reports to the Senate Committee on Institutes and Interdisciplinary Research Groups and receives an annual operating grant from the Manitoba Law Foundation.

The Legal Research Institute was created to:

  • stimulate and facilitate legal research by academics at the Faculty of Law and within the University of Manitoba
  • facilitate interdisciplinary contacts and collaboration
  • provide research funding
  • develop and refine student research skills and capacities
  • coordinate the hiring of research assistants for projects
  • undertake commissioned research for any provincial or national law reform commissions
  • sponsor conferences, workshops, and seminars on law-related topics
  • encourage the communication of research results by supporting publication of research findings
  • give publicity to the research activities of academic staff

The work of the LRI is divided into two categories. First, the LRI directly engages in various research projects, holds seminars and conferences, and supports various publications. Second, the LRI receives applications from individual professors and graduate students, mostly from the Faculty of Law, and supports research projects by granting funds, most often to hire student research assistants.  If your application for funding is successful, the LRI must be acknowledged in all published work and a full citation must be submitted to the LRI.

LRI application 2021 click here.

Scholars at the University of Manitoba who are engaged in research related to law are encouraged to contact Dr. Donn Short, Executive Director of the LRI, regarding any questions.

For general inquiries, contact Maria Tepper, Administrative Assistant.
Email  |  204.474.9775

  • demonstrated scholarly record or evidence of scholarly potential
  • legal or socio-legal nature of the research
  • Manitoba-basis of the research, either by virtue of the scholar’s location or focus of research
  • satisfactory use of any prior LRI grants
  • teaching assistance or preparation of materials is not funded
  • each research project will only be funded once

All successful applicants must report to the LRI within 6 months of project completion and all LRI-funded research must be acknowledged in any resulting publications.

Any research involving human subjects requires the approval of the Research Ethics Board, a university-based ethics review body.

Please note that calls for proposals for funding normally go out on February 1st, August 1st, and December 1st, funds permitting.