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Faculty of Law list of professors participating in the UM Undergraduate Research Award Program

The University of Manitoba’s Undergraduate Research Award gives undergraduate students in all fields and ranges of research, scholarly works or creative activities, the chance to be mentored for 16 weeks (full-time from May through August) by a professor of their choice. There are:

  • 172 awards available across all disciplines
  • 10% of awards are available for self-declared Indigenous students
  • 2 awards for community-based projects
  • $7,000 monetary award

This is also a recognized UM Co-Curricular Record activity.

Deadline to Apply: January 28, 2022, 4:30 p.m. (CST).

Please visit the Undergraduate Research Awards webpage for full information about this award.

Faculty of Law professors participating in the 2022 Undergraduate Research Award Program:

Name: Assistant Professor Martine Dennie
Research: My research focuses on the intersections of law, violence, and risk in ice hockey. I use various methods in my research, including ethnographic interviews, participant observation, content analysis, and case law analysis. My current research is aimed at gaining a cultural understanding of violence in hockey and the ways in which individuals socialized by the sport construct meanings of consent and assumption of risk. In other words, my goal is to shed light on the rules, customs, and conventions that are generally observed in the sport. Hockey players tend to follow the rules of their sport, which sets a standard of behaviours that might not always be consistent with state law. As such, my project is grounded in legal pluralism and examines the ways in which consent and assumption of risk are shaped by the everyday cultural practices of hockey.

Name: Professor Darcy MacPherson
Research: Professor MacPherson is willing to be interviewed by or work with an undergraduate law student interested in the areas of his research which include: Disability rights, corporate criminal liability, corporate law, administrative law, Agency and Partnerships, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Corporations, Criminal Law and Procedure.

Name: Professor Jennifer L. Schulz
Research: Dr. Schulz is interested in supervising students who want to do research in the areas of alternative dispute resolution, law and popular culture, or tort law.

Name: Assistant Professor Katie Szilagyi
Research: Prof. Szilagyi works at the intersection of law, policy, ethics, and technology. Her research is focused on the legal and ethical implications of new technologies, including robotics, artificial intelligence, and Internet-enabled devices. Students interested in social robotics, automation bias, developing legal and ethical frameworks for human-robot interaction, and/or automated aspects of the judicial system might consider this opportunity.