Administrative Law

Course Number
LAW 3530
Course Description

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of administrative law, which primarily addresses the actions of the executive branch of government. We will concentrate on the procedural and substantive rights that individuals and other organizations have in regards to administrative decision-makers, and the relationship between administrative decision-makers, the legislative branch of government, and the judicial branch of government.

We will address:

  • The purview of administrative law;
  • Procedural review of administrative decisions;
  • The law regarding review of administrative decisions potentially affecting aboriginal rights;
  • Substantive review of administrative decisions; and
  • Administrative remedies.
Teaching Method

Lectures and discussions on the assigned readings.


1. 20% mandatory short written report assignment (working in groups permissible)
2. 0-50% optional written research assignment (working in groups not permissible)
3. 30-80% comprehensive, open book exam (working in groups not permissible)
4. potential for participation “bonus”

Course Materials

Van Harten, Heckman, Mullan & Promislow, Administrative Law – Cases, Text & Materials, 8th ed. (Toronto: Emond Montgomery, 2022)