Advanced Legal Research

Course Number
LAW 3360
Course Description

This course gives upper year law students an opportunity to refresh and enhance their legal research skills prior to entering the practice or graduate-level study of law. This course builds upon the basic research and writing skills taught in the first year Legal Methods course. The course covers researching legislation, case law, Indigenous law, and foreign and international law.

Teaching Method

Using a combination of lectures and hands-on learning, students will develop skills and knowledge that will be useful in the practice of law. Guest speakers will present on certain topics, such as researching Indigenous law and perspectives on the future of legal research.


Students are evaluated on three written assignments (one short-answer and two legal research memos). Students are also required to submit short journal entries related to the material covered in certain classes.

Course Materials

Web-based research tools
Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 9th ed.


Liz McCandless and Matthew Renaud