Advising Startup Ventures

Course Title: Advising Startup Ventures
Course Number: LAW 3250
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Course Description:

The direction of the course this year will be as a hands-on, skills-based introduction to the unique issues facing lawyers who encounter start-up and early stage companies in Manitoba. We will be delving deeply into the intersection of law and business, ranging from different ethical/professionalism standards that apply to one but not the other to understanding the client to drafting basic documents that put advice into action. I expect that law students will be meeting with real world start-up and early stage entrepreneurs/innovators during the course. They will come to see business as it really operates and the challenges faced by both the entrepreneur and the lawyer.

Our assignments will include basic interviewing skills, client reporting letters, term-sheet level drafting of employment agreements, financing terms, corporate organization, understanding risk management, governance, shareholder agreements, and comprehension of the overall role of the lawyer in this context.

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